Stay alert with Ring's Stick Up wireless security camera for $89 at B&H


B&H has Ring's wireless 1080p Stick Up Cam for $89. That's $10 off Amazon's price and $5 above the lowest we've seen. Some places are selling this camera for ridiculous amounts, like $180 at Home Depot, but that's just because it looks to have been discontinued or just low supply right now. Amazon has never sold it for more than $100. This deal is only available in White as the Black version is sold out.

The camera records in 1080p resolution. It uses infrared LEDs to record in low lighting conditions. The lens also has a 115-degree horizontal field of view so it can record quite a lot. There's two-way audio and adjustable motion detection.

The Stick Up Cam is a wireless camera that gives it the flexibility to basically go anywhere. Put it indoors or outside and keep an eye on the things that are important to you. The camera records in 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, so you get high definition video no matter where you put it. Plus, the lens has a 115-degree horizontal field of view. That's wide enough to capture a lot of area in front of it and get everything you need on camera.

Other features include infrared LEDs that record in low-light conditions. There is also two-way audio with a speaker and a mic, so you can both hear what's going on and speak through the camera to the other side. Use it to talk to visitors and let them know what's up or scare off intruders who don't belong there and let them know you've recorded them. It's especially good for scaring rabbits away from your garden. Just saying.

You can use your Android or iOS smartphone and the free app to enable remote viewing from literally anywhere including Live View of whatever your camera is looking at. You'll also get notifications based on what you set up. If connected to your wireless network, you can control the camera with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

While you'll definitely want to make sure your camera is placed on a flat surface, you do have several options thanks to the included versatile mounting bracket. There's even a separate ceiling mount you can buy for attaching it that way. The camera comes with a one-year warranty.

John Levite
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