Star Wars: Card Trader celebrates its first anniversary with new twists on classic cards

Topps is celebrating the one-year anniversary of their Star Wars: Card Trader game with "National Star Wars Day" on Saturday, March 12. As part of the celebration, Topps is is introducing new Revisited card sets, which puts characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens in classic card designs from the app's first year.

Revisited cards are available through the Revisited store, and come in Blue, Green, Black, Gold, and Die-Cut variants, each with differing levels of rarity. There are also a total of eight Revisited packs in the store, and the Blue, Green, Black, and Die-cut cards will only be available available until March 14. New and current fans of Card Trader will be able to log into the app on March 12 and claim a free card.

If you want to participate in "National Star Wars Day," just open up the Star Wars: Card Trader app and head over to the Revisited store to get started. You'll find Star Wars: Card Trader on the Google Play Store now.

Joseph Keller