Sprint gives up on the Nexus One, too

It's hardly surprising at this point, but the Nexus One apparently is a no-go on Sprint, a little less than two months after its "we're getting it, too!" announcement. Consumer Products representative Michelle Mermelstein told Gizmodo that plans to sell Google's red-headed stepchild are done "because of the 'upcoming availability of the award-winning Evo 4G.' "

That's pretty much the same as what happened with Verizon, which was announced in January as an initial partner of the Nexus One but finally gave up on it in lieu of the Droid Incredible. That means those of you pining for an N1 on a CDMA carrier are out of luck, unless you want to make the leap to AT&T or T-Mobile (or just go the WiFi route). [Gizmodo]

Update: After the break, Sprint's internal document [via XDA] that pretty much says the same thing.

Phil Nickinson