Sprint gives up on the Nexus One, too

It's hardly surprising at this point, but the Nexus One apparently is a no-go on Sprint, a little less than two months after its "we're getting it, too!" announcement. Consumer Products representative Michelle Mermelstein told Gizmodo that plans to sell Google's red-headed stepchild are done "because of the 'upcoming availability of the award-winning Evo 4G.' "

That's pretty much the same as what happened with Verizon, which was announced in January as an initial partner of the Nexus One but finally gave up on it in lieu of the Droid Incredible. That means those of you pining for an N1 on a CDMA carrier are out of luck, unless you want to make the leap to AT&T or T-Mobile (or just go the WiFi route). [Gizmodo]

Update: After the break, Sprint's internal document [via XDA] that pretty much says the same thing.

  • Oh well, Evo for 2
  • Wow.....
  • this must be a nightmare for google.
  • I don't care that much.. It makes owning a nexus one even more special. :)
  • does not bode well for a Nexus Two, tho
  • Google should have had ironclad agreements with these carriers beforehand. Why they came out claiming the Nexus would be released with Verizon and Sprint is perplexing given these events. FFS Google, just buy HTC, or a carrier, and be done with this nonsense.
  • Figured this would happen after Verizon gave up on it when the Incredible came out.
  • I dumped my Nexus One and took a gamble with the new Droid Incredible , and although I felt the N1 was better built with its metal components and such , the incredible is by far a much better phone !! Its much faster than my N1 was , screen is more accurate to touch , and the network just blows T-Mobile out of the water . I could not be happier !!
  • Its been confirmed you can turn off the sense UI as seen in the vedeo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNQYjiTjfEY
  • This is frustrating. I've written about this before, but these are the reasons I wanted a Nexus One instead of EVO 4G on Sprint: 1) Cost -- Most likely the Evo 4G will be more expensive than the Nexus One 2) Android interface preferences (SenseUI vs vanilla Android) -- people claim that you can simply "disable" SenseUI, but in fact SenseUI is very tightly integrated into Android to the extent that disabling SenseUI won't make the phone behave the same as a vanilla Android phone 3) Device standardization -- Nexus One has the potential to be a standard in that it exists for multiple US carriers (T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint). This is nice for accessories and increases the likelihood of long-term support. 4) Device openness -- Like other recent HTC Android phones, Evo 4G will likely be locked down a fair amount, requiring a bit of hacking to root the device. The Nexus One on the other hand was designed to be open and imposes no such restrictions. 5) Software updates -- This is perhaps the most important reason to choose a Nexus One over the Evo 4G. One only needs to look at the suffering HTC Hero users to see how painfully slow carriers are to update their phones. With Google in control of Android and able to focus on the Nexus One, you're probably in a much better situation. It is possible to root your HTC Hero and update it using a 3rd party ROM, but that's hardly ideal and may be impractical for the Evo 4G. HTC modified Android to add WiMax support so you'd have to be sure that any 3rd party ROMs would properly integrate WiMax support, so in reality you're going to be depending on HTC *and* the carrier until the WiMax code is merged into upstream Android. I'm also not sure if I will prefer the large 4.3" EVO 4G screen vs. the smaller Nexus One screen. I'd have to test them both hands on to see if the EVO 4G felt too bulky. My contract with Sprint is up. I'm tempted to head to T-Mobile, since one year from now the Nexus One will probably be superior to the EVO 4G software-wise (this coming from someone who doesn't care about video conference or HDMI out). Nexus One will probably be running Android 3.whatever and the EVO 4G will still be on 2.1 or 2.2 (if you're lucky).
  • you are 100% correct....Verizon and Sprint will probably not give a damn about the updates, especially Sprint (Hero). Verizon dished out 2.1 for the Droid, but it's terrible, my friend has it and all the features are buggy (such as pinch to zoom) seeming like they just pushed it in a hurry cuz of the high demand! Nexus is better because of the exclusivity with Google! People saying it's outdated are dumb....Nexus is the phone Google is using to test everything out!
  • You're points are all based on assumptions. The EVO 4G is a superior device in almost all specs except the processor (I think both phone use a 1GHz Snapdragon) 1) Cost - The EVO 4G will cost as much if not slightly higher than the N1. But the peace of mind that that you'll have since you'll have either Repair and Replacement Insurance (Sprint) and Black Tie (Best Buy) depending on where you purchase your device more than makes up for the higher cost. For example some N1 owners have to deal with either T-Mobile, HTC or Google when it comes to device support. And if you are using an N1 with AT&T then you're SOL because they don't officially support the device so you're stuck talking to Google for tech support and HTC for any repairs and replacement. How long is that turn around time and how much does it cost when you send in your phone for repair? (Read the 3rd comment http://www.wayneschulz.com/2010/01/google-nexus-one-repair-options-call-...) 2) Sense UI vs Vanilla UI. You're correct in that it is a USER PREFERENCE, that being said I'm only aware of ONE HTC Android device that doesn't have Sense UI and that it the N1 and that was because it was a GOOGLE phone and they wanted for the consumer to get the AOSP feel. The biggest complaint is that Sense feels laggy and some HTC elements aren't as good as the Vanilla equivalents, but the combination of 2.1 and a faster processor should eliminate that and hopefully HTC has improved on their Sense UI to be as good if not better than their vanilla counterparts. If not search the market and get a replacement app. 3) There has been only a couple devices in the past 10 or so years that were crossover hits between carriers, the Motorola RAZR and Palm Treo (650/700/680/750) what this did was stifle innovation from both of these companies and because of their complacency Palm has been bought by HP and Motorola is not the Mobile Handset King in the US anymore and allow other (Apple and HTC) to come in and offer superior devices. Not to mention that carrier exclusives are what attracts customers from "rival" networks N1 (T-Mob), Iphone (AT&T), HTC Incredible/Motorola Droid (Verizon), EVO 4G (Sprint) Long term support of devices is a myth! Carriers expect customers to upgrade their devices within 1-2 years. Why else would they offer device upgrade incentives when it's time to re-up your contract? If you do have a device that has reached its EoL cycle the carrier will only upgrade it if you take it in for repair. 4) The HTC Incredible, Desire, Legend were all ROOTED within DAYS of their release. BTW the N1 didn't have root access out of the box either. 5) BIG ASSUMPTION here. Yes while the HTC Hero hasn't yet gotten the 2.1 update neither has the Samsung Moment wihch is a Vanilla Android phone. NO ANDROID PHONE THAT WAS RELEASED WITH 1.5 OR 1.6 HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO 2.1. Even though Android 2.2 is in the works and the N1 MAY get an update before any other phone should not be the main reason to get the N1 over the EVO (Compare the spec sheets). Let's not even begin speculation on Android 3.0. As for the WiMax, code support for it should be integrated into the source code which both Sprint and HTC have an obligation to release ASAP without any proprietary software code. It's much in the same way the Sprint and HTC had to modify Android 1.5 to work with CDMA Radio frequencies. IMO the Nexus on can NEVER be a superior phone to the EVO. Just because it MAY get 2.2 before the EVO doesn't mean that it will be better. Android 2.2 will offer incremental improvement over Android 2.1 just like 2.1 did for 2.0. As soon as the EVO 4G is released it will be the FLAGSHIP Android device until it is eclipsed by something better on Sprint since as of now they are the only network with a up and running 4G network (I know Verizon & AT&T both has LTE in the works.)
  • Actually, they have already clocked 2.2 increasing speeds by 450%. The fact alone is that there has been this exodus to rush for 2.1, because the Droid sold 2.0.1 so well. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the N1 will drive the cutting edge, and is a programmer's/power user's phone through and through. I am just sad to not see it come to Sprint, my area has 3x the Sprint data coverage with 3G vs. T-mo or ATT. Plus the EVO will carry that nonsense extra charge, regardless of whether you get 4G or not.
  • I dont think google cares it still has a google OS in android I am sure they figure leave the hardware to the big boys and the os to them
  • Saying that i'm disappointed is an understatement I understand that feature wise, the Droid Incredible and the HTC Evo 4G are much better phones It doesn't take away that some people still preferred the Nexus One to both phones...
  • Wow. The Nexus One is shaping up to be an Epic Fail. Android keeps on outdating it with better devices. {{-_-}}
  • wow im shocked as hell about this
  • This means.......More Incredible owners.
  • ROFL if you say so im going to say more EVO owners
  • That sound you heard was manufacturers stopping th machinery that makes Nexus One accessories. Thats where this really hurts. You don't get a wide range of cool accessories with so few units being moved.
  • Back when the Nexus One was announced I said the hype wasn't worth it. Five months later the Nexus One is a solid phone that hasn't moved many units. Why did Google push this phone so hard?
  • I don't get it either. They come out calling it a superphone and claiming it will be on all networks and now....Tmobile is....it? Sure it's on ATT but not officially. I swear Google is acting screwy with this whole thing. Lucky for us the Nexus is a superb device. Google really managed to fuck this whole thing up good though. It would be nice to wake up someday to some good nexus One news....
  • In another month or a month and a half yo will be the first to get Froyo (2.2)... surely that's good news. :-)
  • There's gotta be a reason for this. Maybe they're about to announce the Nexus Two through Motorola or something?
  • Eh he! Sucks to be you Nexus One owners, which will slowly die in the pasture as the months go on..LOL
    Oh and to the poster way above that said 'Ohhh, great, because now I have a more "exclusive" phone'.. BIG f-ing whoop??? haha...
    What can your N1 do that my Incredible can't? NOTHING! hahaha..
    Have fun with your obsolete N1 in less than 6months.. No accessories, low user base..
  • Dude the Incredible is too cheap for us Nexus Owners so go away :) When our Nexus is running FroYo and you're stuck on the same OS for the next year I will laugh. :D Even your camera is a piece of crap.
  • when you're on 2.1 for months while we Nexus users are on 2.2 with Froyo, you'll be sorry! ;)
  • I think he's too dense to understand. I bet it's his first smartphone and he has no idea how screwed he is as far as new features and updates :D I hope he enjoys flash lite for the next year because verizon will NEVER update the Incredible to support it. Well they will, but it will be at least a YEAR rather than two months for us.:)
  • i love that ill be getting all updates right away!! for all we know, they could be stuck on 2.1 and we might already be at 3.0!! i remember when i had the Mytouch and was "promised 2.0 soon", nothing happened and still hasnt for them! sucks for those people on contracts! :p
  • Douchebag alert. Do you have any idea how stupid and immature you sound when you try to bash other people's phones? I have a life, and thus, I don't care about the phones that other people own. Maybe you should find something better to do with yourself.
  • Maybe they just cant get CDMA right in the N1
  • That's looking like the best call right now. Maybe if these CDMA carriers are not willing to work with Google the phone cannot happen the way it did with ATT.
  • i don't understand why everyone's freaking out......if you're on Tmobile/AT&T, get the Nexus, if you're on Verizon, get the Incredible, if you're on Sprint, wait for the Evo.....they're all the same just HTC Sense on the Incredible and Evo, with better cameras...they all have the Snapdragon! only the other thing is the Nexus will get updates faster than any other phone! which is awesome btw!
  • But that's just it. The other phones are running Sense, which is cool and all, but it does take FOREVER to update it. A lot of people on Sprint and Verizon want to get those updates when people on T-Mobile and AT&T do, but without a Nexus One they'll be at the mercy of their carriers, which haven't exactly had the best track record with releasing updates. I for one am glad I got a Nexus One. I live in an area with really strong AT&T 3G coverage (Spokane usually average 3mbps down/1.8 mpbs up wherever I've tested it) and knowing that I'll be getting all the updates first makes me happy to have the device I do. If you have good AT&T or T-Mobile coverage in your area and you want to be constantly riding the cutting edge of the Android OS, it might be worth it to switch. That's just my .02 though.
  • It's a shame. I think the nexus one is a pretty sweet phone. I also like the fact it's off contract.
  • who cares. I was gonna get the Evo anyway but it would have been nice to have options, considering the Evo may be more $ out of pocket and nexus one wuld not have been.
  • who cares. I was gonna get the Evo anyway but it would have been nice to have options, considering the Evo may be more $ out of pocket and nexus one wuld not have been.
  • wow, all you guys that are complaining are ridiculous. go cry me a river. and to all that are saying that updates come faster to the n1, that may be true, but if you root, it won't really matter cause between all the leaks and the ports, you can update to the newest android pretty quickly. i have motorola droid, and i've been running 2.1 for a few months, even though it just recently came out.
  • U know when EVO comes out its going to go through the same thing the hero is going through update delay. Every phone from. Sprint will have the same problem with all their phones. Phones r outdated before they even arrive. Don't waste your money on sprint devices I won't every agan go incredible
  • Makes me wonder what they did with the nexus one cdma inventory (if it even exists?). Anyhow I have a nexus one on AT&T - its a nice phone, but its touch screen needs a bit of help. I'll probably get the Evo when it comes out.
  • The Nexus One's direct sales model probably meant higher margins for Google, but fewer subscriptions for carriers. I would have like to have the option of buying the N1 if the Evo turned out to be spoiled by tiered 4G plans, but after Verizon nixed the N1, Sprint's move is hardly a surprise. US carriers won't forfeit their cartel over device selection and distribution without a fight.
  • The phone is not in stores which basiclly take the average joe out of the market. Most people want to touch it see it and try it out first and well you simply cant do that with a N1 it has hurt the phone but i think google is far from out of the cell phone business they plan to take over the world and this is just a minor hicup in the grand scheme of things
  • just lol. looks like I'll be using the money I had set aside to give to Sprint for a N1 on beer instead.
  • There's always will be a better phone that comes out no matter what phone you have. Google came up with android and now they have there own phone the n1. Android is the same on all android phones l. Just becouse one has a bigger screen, hd or whatever its still an android phone. When 2.2 comes out guess which phone gets it first. I've had no issues with my phone at all to need anouther one its by far the best phone that I've ever owned. I am disapointed that its not coming out for sprint I do think its there lose.
  • I am not shocked by any means, I was very surprised that Google ever planned on a CDMA version at all. Quite honestly, one of the advantages of CDMA is that the carriers have to sell the phones that they activate on their network. For Google to take any stream of income away from the carrier they have to be able to simply sell the phone and have the customer easily activate it(by inserting a SIM chip for example). With CDMA it is not easy(although it is doable) to activate a foreign ESN/MEID on any given CDMA network, thus IMHO it was fool hardy of Google to even think of selling an unbranded/unlocked CDMA device. Dan
  • Good riddance! Trackballs are a PITA!
  • it's a damn shame that verizon did not let the people have a choice between the incredible and the n1. It would have helped them get more people to join their network since sprint is not going to sell it to its people. Anyway i have heard that verizon is going to set up their 4g network starting this summer and it will be available everywhere by 2013 so would it matter if the n1 was going to verizon? I can't wait till verizon comes out with an android powered 4g phone.
  • it's a damn shame that verizon did not let the people have a choice between the incredible and the n1. It would have helped them get more people to join their network since sprint is not going to sell it to its people. Anyway i have heard that verizon is going to set up their 4g network starting this summer and it will be available everywhere by 2013 so would it matter if the n1 was going to verizon? I can't wait till verizon comes out with an android powered 4g phone.
  • This just sucks. I have Sprint because it's the only carrier that works in my office. I was looking to get the N1 to replace my hero. I'm not interested on the evo.
  • This puts doubt in my mind as if they will even upgrade Android 1.5 devices at all. If they could change their mind about the Nexus One, Sprint could easily pull the plug on Android 2.1. Maybe that's speculation on my part, but what's wrong with offering consumers choice? I do know that the Evo is a better phone, but maybe some customers want the instant upgrade-ability of the Nexus One instead of dealing with Sprint or Verizon. What's wrong with Verizon & Sprint going back on their word? When businesses can't honor their commitments, it makes me not want to do business with either one. Maybe Google can get Clearwire to get the Nexus One on their platform.