Sprint now touting EVO 4G 'with Android 2.3' [Updated]

Update: And we just got the official word from Sprint:

It was mistakenly posted on Sprint.com that HTC EVO 4G with Android 2.2, Gingerbread, was available through our sale channels. We apologize for any confusion. HTC EVO 4G currently uses Android 2.2, Froyo, but we plan to upgrade to Android 2.3 as soon as we can.

Original: We've got no doubt that Android 2.3 is coming the for Sprint EVO 4G -- we've been rocking a leaked build for a month or so now. But might it finally be nearing release?

Sprint's started listing the EVO 4G as "Now with Android 2.3." That mean it's shipping with the Gingerbread build? Or is the update about to roll out? Is it just a typo? News at 11, folks.

Source: Sprint; via Android Central Forums; Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Cool.
  • "do it" - Ben Stiller
  • I expect to see it this June, but it looks like it could be very early June. Enjoy Evo owners. :)
  • Nice.....but ill be trading in my Evo for a 3d when its time
  • I plan to do the same thing
  • I'm not. I don't need an EVO 3D if I can have Gingerbread soon. I can live with the small amount of onboard memory, a screen I can't see outdoors, and no dual core or 3D for now. I'm waiting for a dual mode world phone (CDMA + GSM). The EVO 3D doesn't do that. I can wait.
  • 3D sucks don't do it I took mine back for regular EVO way faster more memory just way better 3D camera sucks no service antenna blows
  • I was thinking of doing the same thing, but unfortunately I'm getting really frustrated with Sprint's "4G" here in the Tampa Bay area of FL. We have such poor 4G coverage here that frankly, I don't even see how they can say Tampa is a 4G area. I can't even get 4G at the airport of the stadium - and I've never once been able to get a 4G signal in my house. Meanwhile, my neighbor up the street has TMobile and they get TMo's version of 4G with no problem in their house. The speeds are comparable if not slightly better than what I've seen on Sprint (using the SpeedTest.net app). Sprint's pricing has kept me around this long, but why the heck am I paying an extra $10 / month for a service I've been able to use - literally - less than 10 times in a year? Same thing w/ the "unlimited" - that's great and all, but I'd never go over a cap on this 3G speed anyway... Whew.. not sure where that all came from, but it felt good to get it out! lol
  • You are paying $10 a month for smartphone service not 4g. Everybody that has a smartphone through sprint is paying it, whether or not you are on 4g service as they only have 2 or 3 phones for 4g. I think you have been mistaken on the $10 fee and probably use the "service" everyday rather than 10 times in a year. You can go to t-mo but their customer service is terrible, I used to work there, and their prices are not as good as sprint. Sprints map looks like it covers Tampa proper and not much of the outlying areas. You must be the ones that want it now and cannot wait for somebody else to pay for the upgrades in your area. By all means open your wallet and add more towers yourself. Oh and t-mo doesnt seperate their 3g data and 4g data on their map so it looks like they have coverage everywhere. Good luck, and make sure you read the fine print with t-mo so you arent complaining about a fee you dont understand.
  • Congratulations!! With that rhetoric you're a shoe-in for "Sprint Employee of the Month"! ;-) Look - The $10 fee/surcharge/whatever you want to call it was STRICTLY for 4G and Evo. I was there launch morning when they were handing us all flyers and explaining over and over how it was ONLY for 4G - and ONLY for the Evo - because the phone was sooooooooo wonderful and we were going to be able to do sooooo much more with 4G. So I do "understand" the "fee" that I signed up for on launch day. They only moved the $10 to ALL smartphones once they were getting ripped a new one by folks that were not happy paying the charge when 4G wasn't available in their area (and when more 4G phones were on the horizon). It was hard for them to defend that $10 so they moved it to all smartphones. So - let's stop pretending. And as for the brilliant argument about ME opening my wallet and building more towers so that I can have 4G.. Seriously?? Come on! *I* am not the one in the mobile business - Sprint is. If the store that is 2 miles from my house is promoting 4G service and selling 4G phones, then by-golly, 4G should WORK in this area - or AT LEAST work at their store.. It does not. BTW, Raymond James Stadium, the St Pete Times Forum, Tampa International Airport - these are all pretty much staples of TAMPA - and there is no 4G service in any of them. Like I say, my complaint is that Sprint advertises Tampa Bay as a 4G area - and it is extremely spotty at best. On the other hand, TMo's 4G works ALL around Tampa Bay (Pinellas and Hillsborough counties) - more importantly - it consistently works in the areas and places that *I* go to - and where *I* use my phone.. So why the heck wouldn't I want to switch to that service? In the end, your phone is only as good as the reception and service that you can get. I don't see why folks get so bent out of shape when others talk about switching to another carrier. I guess I just don't get that "brand loyalty" that some folks have (unless they're employees).. Bottom line, I'm going to go with whomever can give me the best service at the best price. For the past 7 years or so, that's been Sprint. I want (*need*) a faster data connection when I'm on the go, and UNFORTUNATELY Sprint is no longer able to provide that for me. I wish it would work - it'd save me an ETF... but it doesn't..
  • The $10 is not for 4G as the other poster stated.
  • As of Feb 1,2011 it is not a 4G surcharge, but a premium data charge. And I agree, it was just a way to satisfy people that were complaining about having to pay a surcharge for a service that didn't exist in their area. It really pisses me off that I live in Phoenix and somehow we don't have 4G in the Metro area, but yet other areas like Prescott, Casa Grande, and even Globe has 4G...F***ING GLOBE, ARIZONA!!! But I am paying $10 more for the same exact "Premium Data" that my wife gets on her Samsung Moment, and my daughter gets on her Blackberry Style. So why was I paying $10 more before. Please enlighten me. I hate it when Sprint employees try to talk to me like I am naive. I hope you can tell me that my wife and daughter receive less than Premium 3G data than my Evo does.
  • Seriously? Sprint's own John Taylor says otherwise in his blog a year ago:
    http://tech.johntaylor.co/more-detail-on-the-sprint-evo-4g-10month-prem It originally only applied to 4g phones. Sprint extended it to all phone when they were getting ripped in the press, but that wasn't until almost half a year later. The original Announcement appears in this old 2010 Engadget article.
    http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/12/sprint-selling-htc-evo-4g-on-june-4-f... You can also see it in Android Central archives.
  • I have to agree with you, when I purchased my EVO I was told that the surcharge for $10 was for the 4G service. I at first wasn't pleased because there was no 4G service in my area but I did love the phone and my Palm Pre was starting to lose it's sparkle in my eyes. If not for the price I wouldn't stay with Sprint I think. I personaly dislikes there customer service. I'm not a Verizon fan either but it's seems they have the phones, but pricey, At&t is corporate greed, I live in CT and there is a paid Billboard on I-95 that says At&t = Corporate Greed located less then 5 miles from the CT Building... T-mobile I had in the past but I think they lack on the phone options in my opinion. Like you I want a faster data, even tho Sprint advertise my area has 4G network I can't pick up nothing inside my house but if I drive down 3 bloks down i get 1 bar. that's just plain dumb. so I end up never using the 4G service. It's funny how people think the $10 is for smart phones and not 4G, when the palm was out and the evo was out how come they didnt assess the $10 charge to the Palm as well? they are both smart phones. Sprint got you all fooled.
  • Good thing for you I am not a sprint employee. I just happen to read fine print and updates to my account that happen throughout the year. "Like I say, my complaint is that Sprint advertises Tampa Bay as a 4G area - and it is extremely spotty at best." Again I read fine print and understand that cell coverage and signals are not exact, and when someone advertises that it is available then that means you should read the fine print because I'm sure it says not available in all areas. Chill out, at least you have some 4g coverage as where I live I have none. If you like the coverage that t-mo provides and the phones they sell and the wonderful customer service they provide then great. You have every right and choice to change carriers at any time.
  • Yeah I'm kinda in the same boat here in Eastern Oregon, but at least you have a phone that will do "4g". Sprint changed the 4g surcharge to a smart phone surcharge. So now if you have a "smart phone" you have to pay an extra $10, but at least for your $10 you can access a 4g network sometimes instead of literally paying for nothing
  • When I bought my EVO in December 2010 ,I was also told at that time that I had to pay a $10 surcharge for 4G service here in Atlanta. The only place I've gotten a 4G signal is at my desk at work and there are times it will drop the 4G signal and connect back to it while I'm sitting there not even doing anything on the phone. Only after customers bitched about having to pay that premium for a service many can't even get, did they change the charge to a "smartphone premium" charge. So that is indeed true. It would be great to save the $10 bucks, but I'd rather pay it and have the better 3G coverage that I have on Sprint versus AT&T, which dropped calls all over town. My EVO hasn't dropped any calls since I've had it. And now back to Gingerbread on the EVO. Looking forward to it. Not buying the EVO 3D. Don't need 3D. Will only upgrade when a world phone shows up and I'm not "brand loyal" either. I use the technology that gives me what I need.
  • yeah Tampa's 4G service isn't the best. my roommate and I are always comparing 4G services and his all ways wins, and i live in the heart of Tampa in hydepark area(and i drive to all of Tampa, the best areas that i have found are usf, and St. Pete and who wants to live their?). The best reason to stay with sprint iS the call coverage my room mate drops way more calls than me and then you want to upgrade your phone just get the more expensive plan for 3 months then lower it back to what you originally had.
  • I don't know how other WiMax Markets are but you're right. In the Tampa-St.Pete metro area it's like swiss cheese.
  • My area has no 4G and no 3G... the best speed test that I have run on the evo gets 15-25kBs... sprint claims excellent data coverage and its not even 1st generation mobile internet speeds... my speeds are more like 1990's dial up 14.4... many of the key markets are garbage... detroit metro MI area is a key market
  • The 3D is garbage man keep your Good.ol EVO 4G becauzse the 3D sucks I.know 3 people all who in first week took back twice then finally returned.for.EVO.don't.do it no memory in them EVO regular has way better.stats
  • Am I right in seeing that the colors for it will be black and white?
  • It has been available in white for a while now. It is really just the back that is white.
  • Sorry I misread this as the Evo 3D. :(
  • There was a white option @ some select retailers on the EVO 4G, but if memory serves, it was only the back that was white, the front still looked the same as the original.
  • I hope the official release works better than the leaked. I flashed my phone with the leaked version and my Gmail stopped working >-(
  • I'll keep my CM. :-)
  • Im holding off on CM until 7.1
  • Cool, but WTF! Wheres the update for existing users?
  • This is for existing users.
  • According to Customer Service 2.3 has started to roll out today, and will be available to ALL phones over the period of this week
  • ummm which customer service? sprint customer service?
  • Question is: 2.3.3 or 2.3.4? Video chat with GTalk would be nice.
  • clearly states on the product page that it 'ships with android 2.3'. http://shop.sprint.com/mysprint/shop/phone_details.jsp?prodId=dvc2060001...
  • That doesn't answer his question.
  • ah yes, deadlybatman, but i did not reply to his comment therefore i was not offering an answer to his query.
  • Actually it says both. In the description of the phone, it says this: "It's a high-quality mobile device – featuring Android™ 2.2 and the award-winning HTC Sense™ experience, and it's your personal portable HD media center with an HDMI output so you can share in HD." And then in the specs section, it says this: "Specs
    Operating system Ships with Android 2.3" Can't have it both ways, so either it ships with one or the other, but clearly not both. This is reason enough to wonder if it's a misprint. Can anyone confirm?
  • This is PERFECT PROOF that the new EVO 3D is right around the corner June 3rd sounds great to me. As far as all my current evo 4g owners yes we deserve gingerbread now the problem is which version are we going to get you can't have the Nexus S4g with gingerbread 2.3.4 and the Evo 4g and Evo 3d with version 2.3.3. All handsets should have 2.3.4 google talk should be able to be done with the Nexus S4g, Evo 3d, and Evo 4g... Sprint will take care of us they always have.
  • Sprint won't take care of anyone...the community will take care of EVO owners giving them the 2.3.4 update I'm sure.
  • I agree with @richardyarrel on this one. Sprint tends to take care of its customers. Proof Sprint having the top customer service and customer satisfaction. http://thecellphonejunkie.com/2011/05/18/sprint-and-verizon-top-recent-c...
  • my guess the roll out won't happen until after EVO 3D is released. Makes the most business sense....
  • Might have to RUU to see what's up in the stock version! GOD I LOVE ANDROID!!!
  • No "official" word from the Sprint reps yet.
    Here's my chat transcript (apparently Maggie is Robocop, see last line): 10:28:36 : Maggie S has joined this session! 10:28:36 : Connected with Maggie S. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2850687. 10:28:36 : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Maggie S. 10:28:41 : Maggie S: Sure. 10:28:56 : Maggie S: Please provide me the details of your concern. 10:29:14 : Michael: Hi Maggie. I'm sure you've been asked this all day today, but I see in your store that new EVO 4G phones say they come with Android 2.3 now. Do we know yet when existing EVO owners will start to get the Android 2.3 update? 10:30:09 : Maggie S: Please allow me a few moments to check this. 10:30:30 : Michael: Ok 10:33:29 : Maggie S: Thank you for waiting. 10:33:41 : Michael: Not a problem. 10:34:04 : Maggie S: I apologize; we do not have any update regarding 2.3 upgrade for the EVO phone. 10:34:44 : Maggie S: If we offer it in the future, you will find all the details online. 10:35:04 : Michael: Ok, thank you. I appreciate your help. 10:35:49 : Maggie S: Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Sprint is partnered and paying Clearwire for 4G. but in most cases it's pretty well unusable. I live 1000 ft from a 4G tower. and in the back of the house I have a very low signal and speed. 3G is MUCH better. The 4G building penetration is terrible. And when 4G is good. it eats up the battery. When it's bad. it garbled up the battery. We have 2 EVO phones that work great on WiFi and Ok on 3G. This is probably why Sprint is rumored to be signing LTE contracts as I write this.
  • An LTE contract for Sprint is the right answer! As much as I wanted to believe that WiMAX solid, the painful truth is it's not. My Overdrive and EVO are both great devices but are failing short of the expectations I had at the time of purchase.
  • When is the last time we saw a new WiMax city? Sprint 4G is dead. I won't be buying any of the new Sprint phones until they decide what the hell they're doing. But in the meantime, my EVO is great, even though there is no (real or pretend) 4G here in New Orleans. The 3G, however is excellent since they rebuilt their entire network after Katrina.
  • They have decided what they are going to do. They are going to keep current wimax towers and add new lte towers after a software upgrade. Its just going to take a little while. 4g shouldn't be a detterent. The only 4g that may be worth it is tmobile or verizon. Att doesn't have true 4g. Also 4g phones drain battery like crazy so for me the evo or evo3d on 3g is perfectly fine.
  • Don't really know how to respond to that, but they just added 2 new towers in my area, giving us 100% coverage inside and out. Sprint 4G is NOT dead. Feel free to keep repeating it though as I'm sure it will allow you to justify to yourself the reason you switched to Verizon to pay more money for LTE with an inferior phone.
  • Sprint has pulled all the Android 2.3 advertisements on the Evo now. Looks like it was just a tease.
  • even the update is wrong. how do these people get paid for doing this poorly?
  • At the time of this writing (2:52pm) it still states 2.2 in the phone description and 2.3 in the specs section so which is it. It can only be one or the other. I can't see them giving us current EVO owners Gingerbread before releasing the 3D out of fear that some of us will think that Gingerbread on our EVO is good enough. It's good enough for me. I'm not buying a new phone every time a carrier releases one. I will only get a new phone if it meets my needs better than my current phone and the EVO 3D doesn't do that.
  • How does the evo3d not fulfill the needs of your evo4g? The evo3d is like a bionic evo on steroids. But hey if you don't buy it then someone else will so that doesn't really matter. I myself love my evo but will switch to evo3d once it is rooted. Lets hope htc doesn't lock the bootloader.
  • "...a bionic evo on steroids" with proprietary 3D gimmicky crap. I don't want gimmicky 3D in movies, I certainly don't want gimmicky 3D on my television, and no way in hell do I want gimmicky 3D on my phone. Cool idea? Sure. But give me an EVO2 with similar specs and no dumb 3D pretentiousness and I'll be a happy boy.
  • My thoughts exactly. I don't need gimmicky 3D eating my battery. Unnecessary. 3D is not a feature that is among my needs, whether or not someone else wants it or not. Gingerbread however, I will definitely take. Nothing yet.
  • According to the update, Android 2.2 is Gingerbread. I guess I'm running Gingerbread on my Facinate? :P
  • "The Evo 4G. Now with Tiger blood."
  • 'Nuff said. http://i.imgur.com/u74GE.png Source - http://goo.gl/bdruB
  • This update would be nice for those who aren't rooted. I myself am still rocking a 2.2 custom rom as I haven't found a custom gingerbread rom that I like. So this update would help everyone. And since I'm waiting for the evo 3d to get rooted this will hold me off till then.
  • I don't really want to root my phone so I was really looking forward to this "update"....sigh guess I have to wait like a lemming for a little longer.
  • The exact same thing happened with the Intercept froyo update. Posted in store, removed from store, 2nd weeks later froyo.
  • Unless they decide to update our Sense version to 3.0, it's going to be tough for me to go back to stock (running a 2.3.3, Sense 3.0 ROM right now), even with this update.
  • So.. uh, Where's that leave the 23 of us Evo Shift owners? Think we'll be getting any Gingerbread love in the future?
  • Maybe you shift owners will get some 3D Icecream love next year. Gingerbread? Anyone's guess.
  • 3d Icecream? really? Please excuse my confusion, i'm still new to the Android world. I'm digging it for the most part though.
  • Forget it. Scroll back up to the top. Sprint changed the graphic. Typo mistake. No Gingerbread for EVO yet. Bummer. Wonder if Sprint will get an iPhone?
  • There is a rumor that tmobile and sprint are both getting an iphone. It will be the iphone4s. Then the iphone 5 will be released next year with a complete redesign that includes curved glass like the samsung nexus s. It should be an interesting couple of months.