Sprint HTC Hero Spotted, Looks Ready to Launch

At this point, we know so much about the Sprint HTC Hero that nothing really can surprise us anymore. It's chin-less, round-ish, and altogether pretty safe design-wise.  So instead of focusing on the phone itself, how would you like to take a look at the box art of the much anticipated next Android device? Rather generic looking, ain't it?

What this leaked picture most likely means is that Sprint is familiarizing its team of workers with the HTC Hero in order to give customers advice on the workings of the device. Thus, the leaks. But if you read this site with any regularity, you'd probably prefer figuring out the inner workings of the HTC Hero yourself and can instead take this leak as a sign that the HTC Hero is going to be available right around the corner.

[via engadget]

hit the jumps to see leaked pictures of the Sprint HTC Hero

Casey Chan
  • Gonna snatch this sexy beast up on launch and put my pre away for awhile.
  • Mee Too
  • Does anyone know if the Hero's processor is capable of 720p and HD? The Pre is capable of 720p & HD video, this is a determining factor if I switch from the Pre to the Hero!
  • what good is HD on a 480x320 pixel resolution display?
  • Did I say anything about watching video on the device?? I mentioned the processor, obviously (not so to you) I am referring to video recording!
  • so your saying the pre is capable of HD video recording aye?
  • Yes the Pre is capable of HD, not only that, the processor is able to handle up to 12mp. The Pre's processor is extremely powerful. http://www.precentral.net/palm-pres-processor-fast
  • me too... Palm should have released that update - Anyone know how many apps I can install on the HTC hero? I think the pre has a limit as well like 256mb or something. Anyway I love synergy on the pre so I wanna see how the hero handles my facebook and gmail contacts (I hope its all automatically like the PRE).
  • They say it will do the contacts but not as "neat" as synergy whatever that means .... i might go back to my pre from time to time as it gets more updates but right now i think android might be more polished
  • What's the price before rebates?
  • $599.99 I believe... Well, according to Best Buy's website.
  • yeah but BB jacks up there full price ...... Id guess its 149 after rebates so say your 150 upgrade rebate plus the lame 100 MIR bringing it to just at 399.99 outright
  • It's going to be $179.99 after the $100 MIR
  • woops so add 30 bucks to the 399 ....... 429.99 :) who cares us phone whores will pay anything
  • It will be $179.99 at Best Buy no rebates Best Buy.
  • its actually pretty cool. lots of apps. had some issues with pandora being available contacted them good to go. all in all pretty good. may actually cheat on my blackberry with this one. ha
  • I've noticed that some shots of the Sprint Hero are labled "With Google" on the back, while others are not. Any thoughts?
  • I'm patiently waiting for Oct. 6th. I hope I can get around that bs $100 MIR. I don't do rebates...
  • Does anyone know if you will be able to save a picture to the card or memory? you can not do that with the pre.
  • Well ya of course you cant save pics to the card on the Pre. It doesnt have a memory card slot!! Makes sense. As for the Hero "might" be around the corner. Um no, "It is", Oct 11th is the release date.
  • Ive messed around with a Hero. Its pretty nice. I havent had a lot of time with it yet so I cant really give a solid opinion of it. From what I have played around with it, Im liking it. I wont know for sure till I actually have my own in my hand and I mess around with it and customize it to my liking. We'll see if I give my Pre up for it. I do like the virtual keyboard on it. It has the haptic feedback when pressing the keys and it also enlarges the key when you hit it like the iphone does. The software seemed to move pretty smooth. I really didnt have anything running in the background on it so Im not sure if it will bog down once I load it up with apps and what not. The phone itself feels pretty solid. It doesnt feel cheap like the Pre does. Ill mess around with it more this week and Ill have a better thought of it.
  • Im an advocate for this phone at sprint and i am way impressed, i was expecting it to be way slower than my pre but i can safely say this phone is sick. i am freaking in lust with this phone, i dont know, i cant get it to lag, the screen has a weird coating where no matter how dirty it is i can wipe off the fingerprints, and the camera snaps photos SO fast, they arent the best pictures but they are better than the pre. Lastly sense UI omfg Sense ui i love it.
  • I had a palm pre for 29 days...Trading it in for the Hero. This phone rocks!