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Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 software leaked

When it rains, it pours.  Just got word of a new leak for the HTC Sprint Hero.  No way of knowing if this is the final 2.1 version, but this one is signed with release keys so you will lose your root for sure if you're into that sort of thing.  Anyone who feels brave and wants to try for themselves you can find it here.

Remember, this is not official software from any carrier.  Using this is at your own risk, and nobody here at Android Central is suggesting you try it, though we're more than happy to show you where it is. :p Thanks Beezy420!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Downloading it now. :D
  • I'm putting this in a reply at the top because i'm hoping that you non-sprinters will see it *THIS IS A SPRINT ONLY UPDATE* if you have ANY OTHER HERO you risk the chance of bricking your phone.the update WILL NOT work for you.this is the SPRINT HERO UPDATE the whole build is around sprint. DONT JACK UP YOUR PHONE
  • thank you. Hopefully this combined with the word Sprint in the title will keep anyone from ruining their Hero.
  • I downloaded it and everything works great. All my apps(paid and free) were still there, so were all my contacts, mind you I'll miss my live wallpapers but I didnt use them that much anyway. You can definitley tell the speed difference as well. I'm getting no lag at all. Awesome!!!!
  • If I wasn't at a wedding I would be a guinea pig and try it lol
  • Yeah I'm at work without my USB cord. So just downloading it and hopefully someone will be brave before me so I'll know tonight when I get off of work if it'll turn my phone into an expensive brick or not.
  • update is great, but it will probly freeze up the first time you boot up after, and it also takes about 15min to boot up now so dont worry, and make sure to sync up with htc sync first to save contacts
  • I'm downloading it now as well, boy is it taking forever! I am too big of a wuss to try this, someone let me know!!!
  • Downloaded it...but I'm waiting to hear from people first :-) Yes, I'm a wuss too!
  • Ill jump in and try if if only I knew how. I have never installed anything other than market stuff. Can I follow the same instructions posted for the samsung Moment?
  • Also, with connecting it to your computer, make sure to install the HTC Sync software to install the drivers to your computer. Pro Tip: When they say to disable your anti-virus while installing the HTC Sync software, they really do mean it. It was screwing up my install something fierce. Disabling my anti-virus (use Avast here) made it work like a charm.
  • No, it's an EXE file so you have to connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable, then run the EXE and follow directions from there. Let us know what happens! :-)
  • Before I do this. If I mess up the phone, is there a way to turn it back?
  • Most flashing errors are recoverable, but there is always a chance of bricking the phone.
  • I installed the previous htc leak a few weeks ago and, with that one, there was no going back. I'm making the assumption that this is the same way.
  • Yeah. Make sure you have insurance and report it as lost! lol
  • If you're really worried about messing up your phone and you haven't done it before, I probably wouldn't recommend doing it :D When I get home tonight I'll do it as I've done it before and I'll report back if someone hasn't already by then.
  • I'm a firmware noob when it comes to Android - but BBs I know it all. My question is, BB firmwares were not exactly carrier specific. Is this the case for Android Phones? I have a TELUS-Branded HTC Hero, would this work? Thanks a lot fellers
  • No, this is a Sprint Hero update only.
  • OK Im too chicken to try this, since I dont pay for insurance and have no backup phone :(
  • Downloaded it, but I'm scared to I don't know what I have to do exactly.
  • Hey, I have a question, this is only for the Sprint Hero or the HTC Hero too?
  • don't do it the 2.1 leak is horrible!!!!! no speech to txt or txt to speech tons of friggin bloatware
  • I am on the 2.08.01 DC really liking it right now.. Would love to know how the 2.1 leak is. Inquiring minds want to know. Don't know if i want to lose my root.. decisions decisions.
  • hey guys..registered just to tell you this..downloaded n installed and it works on my previous 1.5 hero..i got tired of waiting for give it a try
  • Can you post the ROM version number the Hero now shows? And how is it working? Worth it?
  • If I install this, will I be able to install the official release one also on top of it?
  • Good question. I'd be more willing to try it if I knew the official one would still work when it comes out.
  • Can't be 100% sure, but this probably IS the official release, just not made official yet.
  • I'll wait for damage to release his.
  • Phone booting up now........looks like it is working starting on set up now...signing in to google....yes
  • if it is still coming on the 21st, that is only one more week, so I will definatly wait until then to try it. but keep letting us know if it works or not and what it says about the firmware version once it is installed! HTC HERO ftw over Samsung Moment!
  • Ok guys just got off the phone with Sprint. THis is the official release they have just not put it up on Sprint yet. Sprint got the release just at about the same time as the leak. The Advance Tech support actually sent me to this site for the release since it is not at Sprint yet. Those that were wondering if this is the release it is...Sprint it seems is just slower than the rest of the country.
  • I had afeeling just picked back up util earlier today phone working will now try a restore.
  • Completed my Nandroid backup, restored to 1.5 and running the update currently. Will keep all informed of the transition
  • previous downloads are in market download tab....YES
  • Downloaded and installed so far so good. Wifi actually works!
  • Live wallpaper?
  • do you need to root to install this? or just run the .exe on the computer? if someone could give detailed instructions how to install that would be awesome!
  • Just run the .exe from your computer and follow the instructions that will pop up on your computer.
  • easy enough, thanks!
  • Guys, It is really simple and straight forward: Backup all of your contacts, etc.
    Plug your phone in via USB to your computer.
    Run the executable and the rest is taken care of automatically. Mine is done and running really good so far. Will notify if anything changes but it appears to have cleared up the bugs that were in the first Sprint leaked ROM. Now to figure out how to root this ROM, the challenges never end but I love it!!!!
  • Was hoping for live wallpapers but they are not included, oh well...
  • is there a way to go back to 1.5 after installing this leaked 2.1? i am new to all of this but am kind of impatient as well...haha.
  • Go to to root your phone then google Nandroid so you can backup / restore your phone at will.
  • excellent! one more question...will i still receive OTA updates for apps and such if i just install this 2.1 leak and NOT root my phone? or am i sol?
  • I like the way this phone works now the wait to Jun 4 won't be as painful!
  • I rooted my phone and installed previous 2.1 leak about a month ago. Do I have to go back to 1.5 in order to install this version.
  • I just downloaded it to my hero and so far everything is good. My hero started back up and I noticed that there is a brand new start up. When the phone is finish booting up you will have to log back into your Google account and set up your email like the first day you got your hero. So far all the htc sense widgets work perfect and the phone seems to have a boost in speed.
  • I'm sure this will be rooted in no time. Also, sense is updated. This also fixed my 110 error when I tried flashing to original 1.5 rom. Woohoo
  • Read the post people. If you do this, goodbye root. Probably forever.
  • Any update to the Sense UI in this update? Also would backing up to lookout serve the same as backing up to nandroid?
  • I thought I would have my contacts uploaded from google account directly to phone. Why arent my contacts on my phone?
  • Flashing it now...crossing fingers :-)
  • The update restores everything you'll have to download your apps again and update your contacts as well.
  • how do i do this on a mac? I click on the exe file and it just opens up text edit and does nothing but show a bunch of code.
  • use a virtual box, it's a windows .exe
  • --Will this void your warranty?-- Thanks
  • Maybe, maybe not. We weren't meant to have it, so to be safe Yes.
  • Alright i did it and it was easy. No live wallpapers BUT the default blue background does have moving clouds from time to time. One thing I have noticed is that not all of my apps are available in the market. I had MLB AtBat 2010 on 1.5 but it is not in the market on this 2.1. Anyone know why i can't find it? I heard that this version is missing some kind of market sign on or something like that. I really need that app. Also my download history was not complete in the 2.1 market - not that it is a big deal, i knw what I downloaded before. Just would like to find the MLB at bat app! Other than that it is what it is. I can't tell if it is faster but it's fun to play with to see what differences you can find.
  • I tried it...its on my far so good. But, if this is the same thing as the official update is bringing then I am highly disappointed. No friend stream, obviously no lwp, no 3d gallery, lags a little but the regular 1.5 did the same. but it does take off root so make sure you want to do it.
  • I couldn't wait another week. Download the leak'd ROM, ran, installed, DONE! Took about 10 minutes from download to the reboot...
  • Works, but so did the previous leak. Only addition I see from the last leak is more widgets. Nothing to get excited about, no live wallpapers, no freindstream(witch pisses me off,really want that one)no 3d gallery.You can get the 3d gallery.apk on XDA. I did notice considerably more memory up to 110 mb from about 60 on previous leak. The live weather wallpaper is pretty cool. All said, its smoother, alot faster and a few extras and thats it. Not really impressed!! Would not pass up root if I were you!!
  • just got done with the far so good.really liking the upgrade in space from the prev. leak. DDDOOOOOOPPPPEEEE!!!
  • Downloaded it
    So far its nice..
    As everyone has pointed out, no LWP or 3D gallery Had to set up my Gmail account again
    Luckily none of my phone contacts
    however all of my apps are gone Other than that, things are fine...
  • How come I can't do it. Everytime I plugged my usb in and ran the file it says error make sure to check if your phone is plugged in and usb is connected properly
  • Download the HTC Sync software from this site: Then install the software, connect your Hero via USB, click on the bar in the status that says HTC Sync. This will install the right drivers on your computer. Then run that .exe new RUU. Works like a charm! This is a vast, vast, vast improvement over 1.5. Wow.
  • Willi it happened to me too. I was on a win 7 machine so i switched to a vista machine and it worked. If your computer has errors recognizing your phone when you plug it in it won't begin the download when you start it.
  • Same question as before, but will backing up contact info to Lookout suffice?
  • Hi. I have a HTC Hero (not the model from Sprint). The one that is selled on this side of the Atlantic:) My question is: would this "leaked official" upgrade fit in our model? With my best Regards.
  • No sir, and there's the possibility of it bricking your phone. Very wise to ask first ;)
  • can someone tell me how to install the update, trying to load it through htc sync and keep gettng the same message: update wass not installed successful. make sure the device is set to downlaod non market apps, and debugging but every time i check the settings they are both checked. can someone please help me
  • Do not load it through HTC Sync. Close it and open the download file then follow the instructions. You will be fine after that. It takes about 10 minutes and your all set.
  • So far, so good - looks like only two of my paid apps are gone - can't seem to get Weatherbug Elite or Docs to Go. I will check with both of them to see if they're working to make available for 2.1. To be honest, I don't miss Friendstream or the 3D gallery - I think that's what took up so much space. I'll gladly take the extra space for a few games! But I'm glad to see the dialer is working much better, and Gmail and Facebook seemed to sync so much easier that the DC 2.08.1 did. I'll miss being rooted, but I may do that again at some point...
  • If your missing apps in the market it's because this signature hasn't been added to their database yet. It will be once they officially release it. Once that happens all of the apps should show up in the market. (If this is the final release) Most likely is though since it's signed and the official release is supposed to be next week. (according to best buy emails) Anyway... just installed it. Doesn't seem too exciting. All I wanted it for though was to fix the ring lag that 1.5 had. Haven't received any calls yet, so I'm unsure if this has been fixed in 2.1. Fingers crossed
  • One cool feature I just noticed is the full screen weather. After you come out of your lock screen you'll notice there is an animation from the stock weather clock widget. I know this is nothing new to the rom community, but new from 1.5. Here it is sunny, so the sun shines all across my screen for a second. Kind of a sunburst effect.
  • The full screen weather is nice, I think sprint leaked this..becuz. The multiple f.u.c.k ups on releasing 2.1! Htc evo + apple iPad = jea!
  • Just downloaded and all is well. All my apps are listed in the Market, just had to re-install. Phone calls clear with no issues.Everything is running smooth.
  • if i install this will i be able to overwrite it with the sprint official release when they do in fact release it? if not, i will just wait...but if i can overwrite it then i will do it within the next 5 minutes!
  • yes, it'll work. have no FEAR!
  • it works! I've done it and everything works!!! Finally! here is the direct link:
  • Is this a sprint update only.Shouldnt everyone who owns hero be updated.Will they have the update on the htc website,i mean it wouldnt be fair it only sprint customers get the update.
  • I have a couple of questions. I was able to convert my sprint hero to 2.1 successfully. I want to return it back to the original software before the official release. I have tried several ROMs and I keep getting the error message, "error 140, bootloader version error". Does anyone know how I can fix this? Also, with the pending official release for Android 2.1 on May 21, will we be able to override this leak in favor of the official version? I am thinking the official version will have friend stream, live wallpapers, 3d pic background,etc. My thinking is that the official release will overtake the current leaked version and everything will be fine. Then again, I am kinda new at this. Please respond with your insights...Thanks
  • Unless there's some major catastrophe or hardware killing bugs, this will be the release that rolls out. The Hero will never have friendstream, 3d anything, etc, etc unless you hack it. You get the bootloader error because you're trying to roll back to an older version, and you can't. I know, not what you wanted to hear, but I hope this helps
  • Ok just download and ran exe file. Go to screen where it says its sendng but been like that for 30 minutes? The phone rebooted and now stuck on HTC screen? is that normal? Should I rebot phone and try again or will that screw up phone? HELP!
  • I wish i could answer questions regarding if its Sprint exclusive or people with Hero's on other providers could use it Im wondering if you can roll back and use the official one once its released -No Friendstream
    -No Live Wallpapers
    -No 3D Gallery
    -Not able to download Google Earth -Market place is updated
    -pinch to zoom is added -the "HTC Desire" wallpaper is added...though its not animated
    -Notice almost no lag when using the phone dialer -able to download the official twitter app...nice!
    -Voice search is improved
    -New app icons are added -Power control widget is added!
    -New navigator and maps are added! -Google Goggles is available to download
    -Speech to text is pretty good...haven't used it that much so far
  • Just installed it. Looks Good!!!!! it very well may be the offical update not made offical yet. pinch to zoom and alot of those updated sense features, lovin it :)
  • Quick question... is this the CDMA version? Thank you!
  • No. This is a Sprint specific version. Other CDMA Hero users should think twice.
  • I guess just take some CAUTION.
    I downloaded, installed, whatnot... And now, I cannot add contacts. Anyone else having this issue? Can't add a single flippin contact. So it's functionality as a phonebook is lost.
    Also, don't know if anyone has noticed when they go to the "Phone" and it shows all of your facebook contacts, when you scroll down, it brings the first contacts to whatever spot you're in. So at the top, it's the A's, if I scroll down to the M's, it puts the A's in the middle of the M's so I can never see the rest of the M's.
    Basically I only see the first six people on my FB account. So. Those are the issues I've noticed in the first five minutes.
    Hope everyone else has better luck than I did.
  • I am easily able to add contacts of any variety and aren't seeing these issues that you claim. Try to reboot your phone.
  • Am I completely trippin or is there no video player present?
    Correction: Plays my videos still...just doesn't seem to have a shortcut for video player app. Eh...minor.
  • Oh also, I also noticed when you go to Add Contact, there's no longer an option to select FB contact to sync it to.
    Just an ob.
  • There's a new section in each contact that has a little link bar next to the name. If it is a broken link, it is not linked to FB. You can also add a link in the edit mode. very nice addition, much better than on 1.5
  • How the heck do you install this. I installed the exe file but then this 4shared program came up then i signed up and now what???? please help!!
  • Download the HTC Sync software from this site: Then install the software, connect your Hero via USB, click on the bar in the status that says HTC Sync. This will install the right drivers on your computer. Not sure why you signed up for that websites downloads. Didn't need to do that!
  • Thanks for the reply, now that i have HTC Sync installed, i did what you told me but now what? nothing happened with the file i downloaded for the 2.1 upgrade. how do i install it on my phone??? please help
  • No 3D Gallery, but I found this one:
  • Will this update work on European Heros? I'm asking because we don't have Sprint over here... Thanks
  • I have to wonder about reading comprehension with some people. I've been watching this discussion closely and must of seen 4 or 5 of the same question answered. Its like people don't pay attention. Let me make it clear: THIS UPDATE IS FOR THE SPRINT HERO PHONE, IT WON'T WORK ON ANY OTHER HEROS. IF YOU'RE IN EUROPE, HAVE A GMS HERO OR DON'T HAVE SPRINT DON'T TRY IT. Ok posting this at 8 am in the morning, lets see how many more times people ask the same question by noon today. I'm thinking another 4 or 5 times, anyone else want in on the betting action?
  • Does this work on the GSM Hero?
  • Sprint Hero only...
  • Yea it works with gsm hero, you should try it.bwahhhhh
  • Not funny at all. I hope you edit your post, and remember it the next time you ask for help or advice.
  • .....
  • Thats one (However I'm hoping that it was a joke).
  • lol.i'm sure it was.i posted a similar message in a reply to the first comment.hoping that ppl will see that first n stop asking.pretty soon i'm gonna just tell the next person that it works and let them jack up their phone
  • I seem to do Everything just like I am suppose to do and still get an error 170. I have uninstalled htc sync and reinstalled it. Any Ideas?
  • can you give a play by play.not familiar with error 107 like what are the exact steps you went through should have to just run the exe file and follow the wizard
  • Thanks for the reply,
    I have downloaded the Ruu...Its just sitting there on my desktop laughing and tormenting me. I think it knows i have been waiting for this update since Oct 09... anyway. I plug my phone in the USB. I dont hit the sync button, I dont hit the mount button, I just run the ruu.. right after the pc "verifying information on your android phone" i get error 170 usb connection error.. What the hell am I doing wrong??
  • I believe your issue is "USB debug mode" is turned on. Turn this off and it should fix your problem. Please let us know.
  • Thanks for your help on this. I made sure the "USB debug mode" is turned off. It was. I also went ahead and synced the phone. the PC and phone are communicating so i don't think that's the issue.I'm lost. Just for the record, when i connect the phone to the laptop i shouldn't have to hit any buttons on the phone?
  • Windows error. Unplug the phone, and in Device manager (on your computer) uninstall any and all Android or HTC drivers. Download and install HTC sync and try again
  • Gave up trying to load it on my vista machine...dusted off the old xp machine and it loaded first time...finished and happy so far..
  • Windows -- gotta love it :) Nice one though *thumbsup*
  • Anyone figured out how to turn off sense? The usual way isn't working...I figure that if sense is off live wallpapers will work, just as on the htc desire....becuz live wallpapers don't work in sense
  • Does google maps navigation works with this new update?
  • I've been trying to figure out how to turn off sense since I got this installed lastnight, and so far haven't had any luck. If someone figures this out, please let us know. Also, yes...Google Maps navigation does work.
  • I've been trying to turn off Sense as well and can't. I have a feeling we won't be able to.
  • Haven't seen anyone mention this yet but does their YouTube app work? I assume it does but just curious. That's my main reason for updating. Sadly I got to wait for the official release cause my comp sucks.
  • All apps working fine, no force close. Everything is working smooth and 10x better than 1.5.
  • Hey, I can't get the .exe to run. I have connected my phone, have HTC Sync installed and open. When I click the .exe, the program comes up and says the installation is preparing with the bar filling up. However, when the bar fills up, the application just quits, and nothing happens. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  • Does anyone know if this will void updating to future sprint releases (or release candidates) if installed?
  • I just completed the update. Works perfectly on my Hero. If you follow all the steps, you should have no problems. All the features are working as fine. Now I'm going to go do a litle exploring to what the new changes are. Have fun everyone......
  • To all the people that ask or want to know.Livewallpapers will not ever come on a stock hero,only way is to hack/root.I know its been asked alot THIS IS CDMA SPRINT ONLY.For the people that get mad at people asking that,if you can't reply with a helpful answer don't reply at all.People might ask the same question a million times.If you got time to bash them,then you have time to help.AC is a great place and very helpful lets keep it that way.
  • No my friend, i really think this is going to be the official update, the problem in the marketplace is caused because the phone its not in the database, when sprint release the official update youll find all your apps.
  • This update seems to help a few things like Lag, still early but battery life seems better. Phone just feels overall better as far as performance. BE WARNED tho, I doubt this is the final release because there are market issues, not all the apps are showing up, I can't find my apps like LiveScore, Smart Keyboard, NFL news, a percent calculator, Camera zoom ( the addons are there but not the actual camera zoom app) I'm not sure if it is just protected apps or whatever, but there are definitely market issues.
  • Would updating to this not allow a future update to the final release?
  • LiveScore, Smart Keyboard, NFL news are not stock sprint apps. I can zoom just fine with the new camera. Touch the +/- button and slide your finger up and down on the slider that pops up on the left. Any third party apps you may have downloaded before, you will have to redownload them. If you can't find them on the market, they might not be available anymore.
  • I downloaded and installed. Working perfectly for me, and I'm not having any problems with the marketplace. I haven't been able to turn off HTC Sense though...
  • I dont get sense not being able to be turned off
  • DLed it and using it with no problems. It wasnt as big of a difference visually as I thought it would be. Some icons look different now. The settings menu is completely different now. The lock screen with security pattern is very much improved both visually and functionally. The market is much more organized as well but I too did notice that a few of my apps were missing as well. Overall, I wasnt blown away but I guess its better than 1.5, I just need to get used to it.
  • So glad I took the risk. I have a new love for the Sprint Hero until the EVO comes out. I hope they don't have any hardware issues, surely don't want to live at the Sprint Store. :)
  • Just updated my phone. Super easy and took about ten minutes. Just remember this will erase everything on your phone so make sure your contacts are backed up to your google account. For those who want the firmware info here it is Firmware version 2.1-update 1
    Baseband version
    Kernal version 2.6.29-bc0dcff htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    build number 2.27.651.5 cl169236 release-keys
    Software number 2.27.651.5
  • I DL it today and worked fine for the most part. My Apps were in the Market to re download at first then they disagreed. I had no paid apps so no biggie. I just had to remember which ones I DL from the Market and re download them. I did have a browser problem at one point stating some type of connection error, but a phone power off and restart fixed it. Still playing around with it so I don't know if there are any other problems.
  • Just got done installing and the only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that it does not have the livewallpapers. Other than that it is great.
  • Does bluetooth file transfer work?
  • I'm very nervous to install this and then not be able to get the official one from sprint once released just in case this isn't the full/real version. has anyone tried to revert back to 1.5 after updating?
  • NO you wouldn't be able to go back to 1.5 if you use this.
  • I downloaded this Friday nite, everything is working great and love the 2.1. The only issue i have is that when turning on the phone it takes a while to load up and no internet for 10 minutes, so i just wont turn the phone off and wont have that problem. I will try to do the official update once its out to see if that solves the problem.
  • So, now that I have installed this, I want the live wallpapers and the 3d gallery,.. is there anyone that can help me with this?
  • Here you go, enjoy !!!
  • Anyone else having problems with the alarm clock? I've set it now for the past 2 mornings and it hasn't gone off even though it said the alarm was set for 8hours and whatever minutes from now.
  • if your running a Task Killer app on the phone, make sure you set it up not to kill the clock. Had the same issue a few weeks ago. I run ATK and make sure the uncheck the CLOCK because otherwise it disables your alarm.
  • I used the alarm clock this morning and it worked fine.
  • I'm honestly disappointed with this version. I previously had the 2.1 that was released by DamageControl and it had features missing from this version like the 3D Gallery and Friendstream. When someone comes up with a ROOT for 2.1 I'm actually going to flash back over to Damage Control's version. The Droid Eris suffered the same omission with the official release as well.
  • I am not able to link my fb contacts with my google contacts why is that is anyone having this problem
  • Hello...i still could use some help. i have done everything just like everyone else has with no luck. i plug the phone in usb, run the rru. and check both boxes...and the status bar comes back saying error 170 cant seem to connect. i can sync fine. so it must be seeing my phone..i have removed sync from my puter, reinstalled
  • do you have the lates version of HTC Sync???
  • yes, i removed it and reloaded it from the htc site. after that i was able to sync. so it seem they are communicating just fine. i just cant seem to get the ruu to get to the phone...
  • yes, i removed it and reloaded it from the htc site. after that i was able to sync. so it seem they are communicating just fine. i just cant seem to get the ruu to get to the application settings i have unknown sources checked. nothing in development is checked. i have sync turned off on the pc and phone....
  • Gave up trying to load it from my vista machine...dusted off the old xp machine and it loaded first time...finished and happy so far..
  • OMG!! This update is AWESOME. One caveat is I had to reboot after my phone hung up on the first try. Since then, I'm loving it. Still looking for live wallpapers but I'm sure it's in there somewhere.
    OK, I see now from other comments no live wallpaper. I'm sure it'll show up in either the Sprint update or hack.
    Runs much faster smoother, better icons in the market. Definite upgrade in cool factor.
    P.S. Not a very techy person and was able to follow directions and get it installed. Not the same result as I had trying to root the phone.
    Love THE HERO, finally!!
  • I can tell you that this update worked smooth and easy for me. I have never done anything( updates, changing OS) with my cell phone before but it was just like installing a program on my PC. Quick and easy! Plus I like the new look. Install it, worth the time it takes.
  • LOVING IT. No live wallpapers or 3D gallery but i can live with it. i have 2.1 and access to a lot more apps, which i really wanted, contacts link with no problem and the settings menu has a lot more options to it. i am however not able to find the feature to talk and turn it into text for sms messages. the battery life shows a big difference. Google maps doesn't give me turn by turn like droid but it still beats sprint at times. no complaints here. download if you haven't already!!!!
  • Here you go 3d gallery, enjoy !!!
  • does it give you street level turn by turn like it does the nexus one or birds eye turn by turn?
  • There's no turn by turn option in Google Maps for you? There is for me, and I used it after I upgraded.
  • my sense is taking forever to load. like an hour... any suggestions?
  • can anybody tell me if i can root after ruu leaked update plz really unhappy with crappy leaked update tried adb root permission denied after adb shell su plz somebody save me from this horrible rom
  • You know, I find it odd that no one has made a list of improvements, fixes, or what's new. ....Some folks say it has this, others say it doesn't,...and on and on...I'm getting the feeling a lot of u haven't "really" downloaded this....The key areas that most of us were concerned about after "glitch fixes" were ,..Text to speech,... Google nav,...u-tube fix,....possible camera fix, and on and on,..yet no real review on exactly what was implemented,...if u got it,..let us know...Cheers
  • I havent had any problems with anything after my home screen finally loads.
  • I installed this friday night and the only problem i am having is that I will get an HTC splash screen when i hit the home button after using the browser. Then the phone reboots itself (not a full cycle) and its back to normal. Anyone else notice this? The phone is much faster except for the landscape keyboard which is still painfully laggy.
  • if it eases anyones mind, just go off chat with sprint. 9:00:09 AM : Me: i guess what im asking is will the official 2.1 hero update be a clean wipe and install? 9:00:55 AM : Rep.: Let me check. 9:08:35 AM : Rep.: Please allow me a few moments. Let me check the details in this regard. 9:12:30 AM : Rep.: I would like to inform you that, yes this will be clean wipe and you can install. so, looks like installing this leak wont effect the official one since it will just re wipe the phone again.
  • Thank you
  • For those having issues getting a 170 error or the like. I also had the same problem. When I first started the RUU Install Shield it would also sit there saying it was loading and then once full, just sat in my taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Finally the installer came up and I went through all the permissions, checking the boxes and such. Then it said it was verifying information on my Android phone... for a good 10 mins. Eventually it said it couldn't locate the phone and to exit the app. I finally gave up after 3 tries and went to bed. This morning I got up and tried something else that worked. This is what I ended up doing: I connected my phone, didn't mount the SD card or anything. Make sure your battery is charged up, and disable your firewall/anti-virus protection. Once I did all of this, it was installed within 10 minutes and is working great. My only complaint is that I can't find Call Light in the marketplace, which is a protected app. I really loved that app. :(
  • Ok I did added the 2.1 leak last night and for awhile my phone was running well. Now this morning I'm having trouble with the keyboard. It stays stuck on all caps and I have to manually change it. Also for some reason its not recognizing the work "I'm" and if I type that or if it predicts that word the thing goes nuts. Anyone else experiencing that? Anyone have any suggestions for a fix?
  • Other thing I've noticed is that my battery life seems much worse now that I've installed the update. I get the feeling something that is a battery hog is running in the background but I can't figure out what it could be. For example its teling me that inthe last 11 minutes here is what has been using my battery: Cell standby - 40%
    Phone idle - 25%
    Display - 24%
    Android Systems - 11% Any of these numbers look off?
  • That's odd. The update has definitely made my battery power better.
  • I installed the update but I cannot figure out how to access the Text to Speech feature. Anyone have any hints?
  • Same problem. I have no idea how to access it. I set it up in the settings, but I don't know how to use it.
  • well, I downloaded the leak, had no problem installing, and this is what I got so far: youtube videos are not only fixed, but most by default play in high def, my hero is definitely alot faster (i have more apps installed than when I had 1.5 with no slowdown), no friendstream, or 3d gallery, but you can download the apk for the 3d gallery and most people have preferred apps for social networking, no live wallpapers, (not that big of a deal for me), there IS MULTI-TOUCH IN GOOGLE MAPS, the default browser in faster and translates html better (I went to some sites when I had 1.5 that did not render right, those same sites now render correctly), I was able to find all my apps including paid apps, all my contacts transferred successfully, so far this release is great for me. I would like live wallpaper but that just eye candy. It's missing some voice intergration heralded as part of the android 2.1 release but I really don't care. I'm just wondering why Sprint is still holding this update.
  • oh yea and my battery life is slightly better than before but the battery life for your phone is relative, meaning that it depends on when and how you charge your phone. Some of you people complaining about short battery life should google cycling a cell phone battery, a lot of times that will definitely improve it.
  • Bootloader??? I followed the steps. Now it is like it is stuck. The bar at the top is going, but it has been over 20 minutes. It says: Waiting for bootloader...(10).... and these keep going on and on and like it is loading. Any ideas???????
  • It appears it may have been something to do with PDANet, a internet tether for my laptop. I just uninstalled. Letting it charge and we'll see. I also unmounted and took out the sd card.
  • Looks like I got it. I think it was Windwos 7 that caused all the issues. New screens now. Excited to get using this.
  • Has anyone else noticed a slowdown in typing response when composing a text message? It's almost unusable on mine after the update. I tried downloading Handcent to see if it was just the stock messaging app, but it wasn't any better. Also, the first night I updated, my battery died while I was out with no charger. When I charged in and booted the phone up, it was like I'd done another hard reset. I'm not too concerned, so long as the official update actually comes out on Friday and hopefully fixes these issues, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
  • Sup everyone...first of all, if you are second guessing it, I wouldn't. It is a easy step by step process. Second of all the update is awesome. The bigger and better market makes it worth it alone. I have been playing with the update now for about 3 hours now and here is what I have liked so far... -Google translate finally works for me :-) Speech to text, vice versa.
    -Youtube player finally works for me ALL the time!! 11/11 videos.
    -Seems alot faster, I do not know if its just positive thinking or it really is faster, either way, seems really smooth.
    -The camera/camcorder works awesome and the settings and everything is really smooth.
    -Desk clock is a nice edition.
    -The eye candy icons are nice and crisp. Missing Live Wallpapers, Friendstream and 3D gallery is the only setback I can see.
  • Swype doesnt work anymore and I am having the same Facebook issue with the pictures
  • Just downloaded it and am trying to log into the google account but everytime I go to type in a letter the letter "q" gets entered. It doesn't matter what letter, it is always a "q". Anybody else getting this bug? Thanks ahead for the help.
    **UPDATE** I pulled the battery and it looks like its working.
    Got my fingers crossed......
  • well installed leak sunday def seems faster for the most part except for the dialer lags big time also certain apps wont work as in cant even find in app store like weatherbug elite and hide-n-seek also my backup pro i can not find in market place i tried app brain found them but when try to sync no go
  • I downloaded the update last night. And I have to say it is way better then my old 1.5
  • Download it!! Easy load and loving it.
  • I downloaded last night and it was working great but now my wifi will not work. I've turned it off and on and no luck. Any suggestions?
  • Download and installed today and everything works perfectly. Maybe my expectations were lower than some, but I'm really happy about this upgrade. The phone feels snappier, like the new icons and widgets and having google navigation. Not sure why Sprint is so slow to get it up.
  • I had a few issues last night went to bed got it up and running before i went to work and now I am very happy with my sprint hero! I didn't take long, thank god i synced my contacts on my pc but its much faster and smoother from what I can tell, i know its a new update and there may be bumps in the road but i know for all of us, having this phone was very frustrating at times but I am glad the update came, now i don't have to call sprint and complain
  • ok so i finally broke down and updated my hero since while talking to the spring guys about my picture messaging not working they told me the update to 2.1 was pushed back again. now when i start up i get past the htc start up and it enters a sprint animation and freezes at the word "Now" after letting it sit for a while the lock screen came up and reverted back to the htc start up animation. Finally after waiting a while i was offered the setup tut and now its working. at first it was very sluggish, after a quickish restart all seems to be fine, much quicker overall. very smooth, and the access to the apps are nice. the one thing i want is friendsteam but its not a major enough let down to not do the update. Its nice to not be stuck at 1.5 anymore. Yay. Edit: i have noticed a few things since the upgrade. my text message notifications will display text messages as unread even after i have opened and replied (the one on the home screen not in the notification bar), this could be the app itself not the upgrade but it never happened in 1.5 phone dialer lags, i cant tell if its more then usual, but it is kind of a headache. browser crashed a few times, after a restart I havent had any problems. I'll update this more once i have had a day or so to mess around with it.
  • I updated on Sunday and have been playing with it for several days. Overall I'm happy with the performance and speed. I'm thrilled that Youtube works every time now! And I can transfer files via bluetooth now which is a very nice feature. My Sprint TV and radio are broke and some of my paid apps aren't available for download yet but the new market is so much better than the old one! Hopefully the official Sprint release will fix these issues. (I can live without Sprint TV and Radio for awhile since I have Youtube and Pandora) I haven't experienced the keyboard lag that others have reported but I'm using Swype, which I had to re-download because I was getting an error that my Swype was not configured for this device error. Again, so far, so good and I'm looking forward to any improvements the official release may bring.
  • It is OFFICIAL!!!! HTC has posted the update on its website(with a different name, HTC_Sprint_Hero_MR_2.27.651.5.exe , same size, 118MB)see , can somebody check if it is the same as the leaked?
  • Actually if you check the sprint site the update is officially out. Peace.