Sprint Hero also is getting an update; Evo 4G 30FPS cap removal confirmed

Looks like the rumors are true, folks -- the Evo 4G update that's coming down the pike may well be fixing the 30FPS graphics issue that's been plaguing us all from the start. We were slipped the above e-mail (and it looks like Engadget got one, too) that shows the rumored 3FPS and GPS reboot fixes (that strangely are missing from Sprint's update list).

But wait, there's more. The leaked e-mail also shows an update to the HTC Hero. No, it's not Froyo (and it won't be), but you are getting fixes for GPS reboot and sluggish dialer issues. So you got that going for you, which is nice.

Sing out in the comments if you've gotten either of the updates yet.

Update: Unrevoked's got video of the fix in action, apparently. Check it out after the break.

Phil Nickinson
  • 3FPS, huh? Good to hear. I know it feels like that sometimes.
  • wow!!! I love it!
  • If the 30fps cap is there to conserve battery life, I might support keeping it around. I'm not sure I need more than 30fps for gaming on my phone. Maybe make it a system option?
  • HTC should make an algorithm where the system can adjust the fps speed depending on content that's playing. I have no expertise in this, so idk if its possible or not, but... it should help.
  • The 30fps cap had to do with HDMI out to TV's. I don't think it'll effect battery life. I'm running a ROM with the FPS cap unlocked and I haven't seen any negative effects on my battery life.
  • Yup I agree, I believe the battery life deal was just an excuse and they just didn't want to code around the HDMI output.
    Hey guys. It's a know issue that the HDMI output doesn't work on a lot of EVOs. On my phone, I can send camera videos and youtube videos out HDMI, but can't get picture slideshows to go out. I called Sprint tech support 2 weeks ago, they verified it as a known issue, and after some research the tech rep (a "good" one) told me this issue was fixed and coming out in release being issued "by the end of Sept". I wonder if the 30fps cap issue works into this??
  • Well that's good news. I'm excited to see it then. I'm a programmer though and I personally don't see how this wouldn't use more battery. With a FPS cap, after a frame is drawn, the software sleeps (thus not using any CPU) until it decides its time to draw the next frame. Without one, it will just draw frames as fast as it can without sleeping in between, thus using more resources. The only reason I'm concerned about this is because while I can usually get through a day without charging my Evo, its not like I ever have a ton of battery left over when I go to bed. But this definitely wouldn't affect battery life while you aren't using the phone, so there's that.
  • There is an update for the samsung moment rolling out ota today. Is is said to fix the airplane mode issue. Word on the street is another update in q4 that "fixes" the cdma lockup issue. I am amazed at how many issues the moment has, and yet there has been no media slamming samsing and sprint for selling this "beta" phone. The phone on a regular basis locks up and does not let you make or receive phone calls or text. Hopefully I never need to call 911.
  • This is going to sound stupid, but I'm going to ask anyway... please be merciful. Why is the 30 FPS an issue...? Will the removed cap mean less lag on games or will that not be addressed with this update. Two; will this mean less lag when swiping between screens or loading pictures? Could someone really break down what this will do? Or if you’re not feeling particularly helpful, post a link to someone that is?!?! Thanks!!!
  • Well to be short and simple, scrolling through home pages, websites, and the app drawer will all be smoother. Games will also run much smoother. Also it greatly improves finger tracking on the touchscreen. As seen by the video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSAjW3m8n2k&feature=related
  • Also a little confused (doesn't affect me as I have a captivate). The cap is lifted with the update, but neocore results show 28 frames/sec, so whats the improvement?
  • Do you know if this is going to fix the AAC problem for streaming audio (Pandora)? Thanks
  • What we really need is a fix for the audio issues in Froyo.
  • The update to address the dialer lag on the current version of the Sprint Hero is badly needed and gladly welcomed. I just checked both the Sprint software download page and the HTC Sprint Hero download page and did not find the update. Also had my phone check for updates - none found. I guess I'll just wait! Fingers crossed that it's soon. I had a nightmare of a time on Sunday night trying to make 3 phone calls in quick succession; I was tied up for 1/2 hour trying to make them go through. Ugh.
  • Anyone have the update for the EVO yet? I've been checking my updates and it's been a no go.
  • Nothing for me :(
  • What about froyo for the epic. I want flash already!
  • Don't want to sound ungrateful but now that we have the FPS cap lifted could we also get an increase in color palette?
  • I hope the GPS gets fixed for the Evo, the Froyo update really messed it up. It used to find my location in about 5 seconds, it now takes closer to 45 seconds, sometimes longer than that.
  • sweet, i can't wait! This is why I didn't mess with rooting my phone. :P
  • So I'm probably going to have to unroot and flash back to stock first, huh?
  • Awesome news!
  • Do i need to unroot my evo before this update? I just rooted using Ulockr.....
  • Tell ya what they need to update is the ability to modulate the power of the LED flash for pictures. It swamps everything out. I am hoping this gets addressed in the future. Anyone have any tips? (besides backing up :) )
  • tap the Flash icon until an A appears. then tap on the screen where you want to focus. usually helps.
  • Actually, what Ive found is the ISO setting is set to auto which for some reason defaults to lowlight speed (shutter stays open longer) when the flash is activated even if the lighting is only just bad enough to enable the auto flash or you have the flash set to on. Try changing the ISO setting to 100 and your pictures shouldnt get washed out in the flash anymore...
  • Personally, if you are running a custom ROM, I'd say wait for the developer to push out an update to that ROM. Chances are though that the ROM you are using already has the fps unlocked. Download and run the fps2D app to know.
  • Waiting, nothing yet does anyone have it?
  • 09/22 5:28pm EDT, Hampton Roads, no update yet. Sorry
    Again at 6:10pm, nada! 7:33pm, nope!
    09/23 12:45am, nothing!
  • Nothing here, Orlando.
  • Nothing In Charlotte, NC
    Does anyone have any ideal when this is coming out
  • I think it would be ideal if it were already out!
  • Nothing in Houston
  • So is there a different Sept 22nd it's being released on? :)
  • Not in Charlotte NC. Also, I'm rooted, with S-OFF and Nand unlocked. If anything, I think the OTA may relock nand and turn S-On, but I won't lose root. I only root for nandroid backup and tether.
  • Figures I just rooted and loaded Baked Snacks, which is awesome. With the FPS cap removed makes the phone feel much, much smoother. Don't know what you got till you see another phone with out it. Time research if I need to go back to stock ROM for the update??
  • According to the unrevoked team, it will break root. However, the good news is that all you have to do is update, then rerun 3.21. No need to unroot first!
  • Hey neoncorey! So it will break root? Damn. Well Unrevoked does make it damn easy.
  • If my Evo comes in today, it will definitely have been the best day in many months! Can't wait for the update to start!
  • None here in Chicago for the hero.
  • Awesome! Now if we could just get decent video and sound recording in 720p it would be perfect! Oh and the ability to use the wiimote
  • Buy a new SD memory card and make sure it's at least Class 6. Your problems will be over.
  • Are you sure about that? Have you tested that? Or is it just speculation?
  • The two that I have for my EVO (same ones that come with the Evo) AREE class 6... (O_o)
  • Nothing here in Florida and we have the hero and Evo also the epic my sister can't stand the epic we are bringing it back Friday for the Evo
  • just took my epic back for an evo yesterday! HIGH FIVE! It's tough getting used to not having a keyboard, and the screen isn't as vibrant, but it's still worth it.
  • It's pointless to post and say that the update isn't available in your area. It's annoying reading through a thread for info to have to wade through a bunch of "not in chicago" "nothing in charlotte" "not a thing in philly yet" where's the love for little rock?" Granted, it is worse in the phandroid thread. When you get it, by all means tell us. But, please stop with the not a damn thing in bfe yet.
  • hahaha that's true, I would just like to know if they're doing it in chunks of 15,000 like usual, or if they're doing it by region? (Or both?) So it's a little useful to find out where and when they arrive. But I'll reiterate for you: stop whining that you don't have it yet! When you get, let us know, but stop with all the negative/"I-don't-have-it-yet" posts. You'll get it when you get it.
  • Nothing in Detroit for the evo
  • No Baltimore MD love, the thing is that it will most likely go live tomorrow. I read that xda has already put up a rooted version of the new update on there site. But I'm not rooted so I could care less, but its good news for alot of others.
  • Ur worse for complainin about others doing what it says to do...by the way i dont have it yet! -_-
  • I didn't read anywhere in these post about anybody complaining. Who are you talking about being worse then others?
  • Official update out in AR
  • Woohoo! It started! OTA in San Jose, CA...
  • Downloading now. Atlanta, GA.
  • Just finished installing the Evo update in NJ
  • update: the cap has officially been removed from the EVO 4G, just ran Fps2D results: 52 fps avg.....
  • Just installed the update here in Dallas Tx.
  • Just installed update in San Diego, CA
  • Updated in Illinois.
  • Update works in Florida.
  • update in Missouri, works pretty well. I do notice a litte bit of a performance boost,especially while using sense on the home screen, but not sure that is because of the update. FPS Test came in at 53.1 avg. much better than 30. Still trying to find the best solution for the battery issues w/o using a Task Killer. Any suggestions?