Sprint Evo 4G fully rooted

Rejoice! The brainiacs over at XDA have done it again, and have cracked the daunting Nandroid protection that has been hindering our developers of total control since the beginning.  The method - which provides “total root” - could be kind of complicated if you’re not comfortable playing around with ADB, but other than that it’s relatively painless. Basically, it will allow us to write to /system and any other partitions from within Android, and not having to do it from a recovery which makes things much more convenient. As we expect there were plenty of all-nighters being pulled last, make sure you make a backup as this process will definitely wipe all your data. [via XDA]

Adam Sawyer
  • Incredible: The Android phone the world forgot. I wonder if we will ever be rooted. I wonder if HTC will ever fix our signal and battery problems. I just don't get it. ---Edit--- Wait! What's the next story right below this one!!?? Woo Hoo! I'm off to read it! Ok, now it's only HTC we are waiting on.
  • lmao I was just about to set your ass on fire for that comment.... Edit came JUST IN TIME
  • i was confused by the comment but at least things are cleared up. http://www.androidcentral.com/droid-incredible-root-instructions-now-ava...
  • when will the evo get 2.2 from HTC?
  • forgive me but im new to android, (im still waiting for my first one actually)but whats the difference between this and the root that we already had?
  • The old root didn't allow any modification of the system files while the phone was running. What this does is break the last barrier that HTC and Sprint put up and now root can change system files -- so things like metamorph and pushing apps from other phones will work.
  • Will this root work if you installed the firmware upgrade?
  • Will rooting the EVO give any hope to fixing the Wi-Fi problems?