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DISH Network gives Sprint a $25.5 billion offer

Satellite provider outbids Japan's Softbank by $5 billion

DISH Network and Sprint this morning announced that the satellite TV operator has submitted a bid worth $25.5 billion, very likely scuttling the $20.1 billion deal proposed last fall by Japan's Softbank.

DISH's proposal -- $17.3 billion in cash and $8.2 billion in stock -- would give Sprint shareholders $7 per share (actually, a mix of $4.76 in cash and the rest in DISH stock), based on the April 12 closing price. Sprint would then have access to some 45 MHz of spectrum.

The two companies have set up a joint microsite for the process, touting that "this combination will create an industry-leading spectrum portfolio and the only company that can offer customers a fully integrated, nationwide bundle of in- and out-of-home video, broadband and voice services.

There's a conference call set for this morning to break it down even further. We'll be kibitzing. 


  • Hmmmm
  • I don't like this at all....
  • Can you share why you feel this way?
  • haha yeah sorry. we have dish tv right now and we don't like it at all. their customer service is only so so and they keep raising fees. my biggest concern is I don't want someone taking over sprint that will try to make more profit by cutting out unlimited data
  • Come again? We've been Dish subscribers for over four years and I only know of one rate increase. If you think Dish's rate structure or price is bad, then don't ever get on DirecTV.
  • My sincerest condolences to customers and employees of Sprint. Dish is nothing but bad news for both customers and workers. Horrible customer service, shady sales techniques, and from what I've read and frustrating company to work for.
  • So everything you read on the internet is true?
  • I know people who have worked for Dish, and as a Sprint employee, I hate this news. It will also be worse for the consumer.
  • In this case it is true, with DISH poor record of treating both their workers and customers it's not good news, but more reasons to stay away from both companies (no offense to current Sprint customers).
  • See, I don't get this at all. We've been with Dish (from DirecTV) since early 2009 and I have had ZERO issues with their Customer Service. If anything, I would rate it among the best of any company I have experience with. The last time I dealt with them, our HD DVR went out, and not only was the tech courteous and willing to help, but they Priority Mailed us a replacement, and gave us $40 off our bill for the "inconvenience" of losing our saved material. I think their service is great, they offer a better experience for less money than DTV did, and we're happy. I don't know anything how they treat workers, but from a customer standpoint, they've always helped.
  • I don't know what to make of this yet. The money will help Sprint with its LTE rollout and entice manufacturers to include Sprint's radios in their phones to broaden our choices. I am curious as to how much Dish will intertwine itself into the Sprint offerings outside of bundle deals. I don't subscribe to Dish so that doesn't interest me. I prefer my FiOS in my home and Sprint on the go.
  • Great!!! Now Dish will be calling my cell phone to bundle their services with my Sprint plan.
  • Poor poor sprint customers. :-(
  • I don't get how they could accept the offer from Dish. Didn't Sprint already accept cash from Softbank as part of their proposed offer, so they could buy the remaining stake in Clearwire? On a side note, as a Sprint customer I have to say Sprint really needs to pick the slack and really improve their network. I am fortune enough to be in an area where 4G LTE has already rolled out (and has also seen subsequent upgrades to the service as well) and yet I am still disappointed in the reception my EVO LTE gets on their network. Unlimited is only enticing to a point. If Sprint doesn't get things straightened out I'm switching carriers when my contract is up.
  • It doesn't help matters that Sprint's 3G service is so slow as to be almost unusable. Sprint is finally starting to roll out LTE to my area, but until then I'll stick with WiMax. I'm lucky to be in a market that has really good coverage. Of course I'm stuck with a 2 year old phone till then.
  • I actually get pretty good reception under normal condition with Sprint. Such as outside and even in my home, but when I step inside brick building like a bar, a university or government building my reception goes to crap. I'm not entirety sure if its Sprint or its just HTC. As I see friends with GS3 on Sprint still getting reception. I'm stuck in a 2 year contract as well with the EVO LTE. Its just getting annoyed as I'm in the Boston area which has gotten LTE and has also seen subsequent upgrade to the LTE service to fill in holes and its still terrible. From what I've been reading both Verizon and T-Mobile seem to offer the best receptions in the state. Which will probably my two choices once my contract with Sprint is up. i had AT&T and there service was worst than Sprint.
  • Yeah I thought this merger with Softbank was pretty much a done deal pending the DoJ's seal of approval? I to am fortunate enough to have excellent LTE coverage here in the Chicago area and haven't had any major complaints so far. I just hope Hesse and company thinks this through and just doesn't go for the dollars.
  • As long as I keep my unlimited data I'll stay happy, poor everybody with 5gb cap customers
  • Unlimited is useless if you can't use it. I start a new job next week and the 3 times i've been inside my new office building, I've had little to no signal. I'm going to give it a week to see how it is. I may be ordering a Nexus 4 and sticking a T-Mo sim in it until my contract is up. I can't be sitting in an office all day and have no signal on my cell phone. Their LTE is good but when I'm not in a covered area, I can literally watch my battery drain on Sprint's 3G.
  • Do you have wi-fi access at your new job? Its the only thing that actually saves my battery at work. I just find it ridiculous that you can have perfect reception from Sprint outside, but yet as soon as you step inside a building with pretty thick walls the reception goes to **** even if your right next to a window.
  • That will only help with his data signal, not his voice signal.
  • I feel the same way.. I was forced to leave Sprint (by Sprint) because I was using too much roaming data. I had no signal at work and occasionally I was able to tap into Verizon's network if I positioned my phone in the right place. Work is where I use most of my data and there is no WiFi there.. so I need a signal. Now I'm with Verizon but they are too expensive, so I might try a Nexus with a prepaid T-Mo plan when my contract is up this fall.
  • And now the question "Can Sprint suck any more?" is finally answered.
  • I was wondering what was happening with Sprint and Softbank. I had thought that the Softbank deal not only would have been good for Sprint, but for the entire mobile industry as well. If we could have gotten anywhere close to the speeds and services that are offered in Japan, it would have made for a very exciting time here in the US. Now this? Yeah, not so sure how this will pan out.
  • If Sprint shareholders want to kill themselves then go ahead and sell to Dish. Dish Network is headed in too many directions to count. Blockbuster, lawsuits with their content providers, selling cell phones via Blockbuster, now trying to buy Sprint? Please...this company is barely a viable 'number two' in a two company race in satellite television.
  • Is this for 70% also, or for 100%?
  • 68%
  • Wonder which offer will actually be better to help sprint expand their network? Seems the softbank one would be that since they know how to turn networks around. Not sure how Dish would do with sprint.
  • It's really about the spectrum with Dish. The extra money is nice, but the extra spectrum will really be the extra value in the long run. It's a shame because I liked Dish when I had them. Their service, and hardware especially, was superior to DirecTV in my very humble opinion. Even their on-screen program guide and program information (episode #, air date, descriptions) was better. But their customer service is just bad. If you're a new customer they love you and will sign for a second mortgage on your home for you. If you're an existing customer - go fuck yourself.
  • They should stick with Softbank imo..
  • The main reason I have yet to leave Sprint is the Google Voice integration. It is so nice to have you cell phone number also be your Google Voice Number. After spending 2+ years being able to text and make / receive phone calls from my tablet and laptop it would be very hard to go back. Are there any good alternatives to let you do this on another carrier?
  • Port your number to GV and then set up GV on a phone with whatever carrier you want.
  • here comes da horppa! (the hopper)
    No seriously, I've lost my enthusiasm for Sprint here. I was excited for the Softbank. Now I am a sad face. Does purchasing the company give me an out as a consumer? I think this might give ma push.
  • I dont care who owns Sprint as long as they get Des Moines terrible speeds FIXED. Downtown is just a WRECK. I've put in tons of trouble tickets over the years and get the same message....we'll fix it eventually. I don't see LTE ever coming here sadly.
  • Please not Dish!!! I've never heard one person who has it say anything good about the company. Most usually leave and head for DirecTV just because of the customer service and the lies in their sales spiels.
  • I just want too see Sprint go into right direction. I am sprint customer and they have been trying so hard too get there LTE network up and running. I just hope they decide wisely who is going too help them keep improving there products and services.
  • To improve your voice or data reception, just make sure that your phone has a clear unobstructed view to the sky.
  • Oh gosh. As a Sprint customer and former Dish subscriber, this scares me. Next to Charter, Dish is one of the worst companies I ever had to deal with. Their customer service is crappy, they raised my rates all the time, and they screwed me at the end of my contract.