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Sprinkle update live in Android Market, opens up to all 2.3+ devices

One of my favourite Tegra Zone games so far has to be Sprinkle. It's super addictive, challenging, fun to play, excellent graphics, a brilliant casual game. The only drawback has been it's reliance on the Tegra 2 chipset. That changes today though as the latest update has landed bringing with it compatibility for "all recent Android smartphones running Android 2.3 or greater." 

Please do note the word recent in that statement though, meaning it may not be compatible with all Gingerbread+ devices. To try it out though, why not hit the download link below to the also released today free version. Don't forget to check out our review of the game for a full hands on. 

  • Incompatible with Nexus One...
  • Nexus One is not a recent Gingerbread device (phone that shipped with it), the phone is more than a year old.
  • oh captivate, why did i have to end up with you? cant wait till the galaxy nexus comes to AT&T
  • FWIW, I have CM 7.1 on my Captivate, and it shows up for me...
  • ive been looking at it for a while, if any more apps decide to be 2.3+, i'll have to put a custom rom on it
  • Yes! This is a great game.
  • sweet. it's a go for bionic. now i just need bang bang racing to open up.
  • Doesnt work on MIUI Gingerbread Evo. Does it work on CM 7.1 Original Evo?
  • Works on cm7.1 htc evo
  • great, gives me an excuse to go back to CM :) hopefully 7.2 will be released in near future
  • fun game and runs smooth on the HTC EVO
  • does not work on the Razr.
  • Wow this is an absolutely awesome game. Played the first 3 levels and decided to buy the full version. Evo 4g cm7 nightlies
  • Thanks Rich, could you put a price in the article next time? (this is a free trial app, full version is $1.99)
  • Neat concept...very fluid game dynamics ;-)
    Runs smoothly on my DINC (cm7.1)