Spigen Thin Fit for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: A slim shell to protect your folding beauty

Spigen Galaxy Z Flip Tent
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Bottom line: The Spigen Thin Fit brings modest protection to the fragile Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. With a soft-touch feel, hard polycarbonate design, the Thin Fit makes using the Z Flip much more comfortable and offers some defense against nicks, scratches, and dings. The exposed fingerprint reader works well too, and the $30 price is fair.


  • +

    Thin, hard-shell protection

  • +

    Precision cutouts and fit

  • +

    No interference with fingerprint reader

  • +

    Clean, simple design


  • -

    Hinge is exposed

  • -

    Not rated for drop protection

  • -

    Requires adhesive to stay on

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is arguably one of the most exciting phones of 2020 – and one of the most expensive. While the all-glass chassis looks stunning, it also makes the Z Flip extremely slippery. It's so slick it causes anxiety every time you grab and open it.

I recently reviewed the Case-Mate Tough Case ($40) for the Z Flip. That case is a rugged one built to withstand ten-foot drops. But what if you want something a little slicker? Spigen is here with its new Thin Fit ($30), and it's a great, albeit bland, option that most people will want.

I've spent the last few days with the Spigen Thin Fit, and here's what I think and what you should know.

Spigen Thin Fit: design and features

Spigen Galaxy Z Flip Hinge

Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central)

Spigen is easily one of the best brands for smartphone cases as they have been around for years and make quality stuff.

This Thin Fit case is a simple snap-on two-piece that uses light adhesive to stick to the Galaxy Z Flip, much like the included Samsung TPU case.

Design-wise it's a relatively plain case. It's made from a hard polycarbonate (PC) with a soft-touch paint exterior. It feels very similar to the Case-Mate, that is, Spigen also omits any tactile grips. It's smooth, but due to the cutouts, it is a bit easier to grip than the Case-Mate (and much more so than the TPU case). While the case can pick up fingerprints, it's a lot better than the TPU case or not using a case at all. A simple wipe on your pants cleans it off.

For cutouts, Spigen skips a good chunk of the right-hand side of the Z Flip, leaving exposed the volume keys and power button/fingerprint reader. That's in contrast to the Case-Mate, which only exposed the power button. Spigen has the right idea, though, as its design makes using the fingerprint reader much more reliable than Case-Mate (which required you to do a re-scan). I had no issues powering on and unlocking the Z Flip, which was great.

There are also openings for the Type-C charge port, two microphones, and the speaker grill. The dual rear cameras and mini-OLED display are also exposed, offering decent protection to both due to the ridge.

Unlike the Case-Mate, the Spigen Thin Fit leaves unprotected the entire Samsung-labeled hinge area. That change means no weird flap on the back like the Case-Mate. But it also means if you drop your phone, that glossy area is likely to get a scratch or a ding.

Regarding protection, Spigen sees this more as a case to prevent minor dings and scratches. It is not rated for drops at all and certainly lacks the reinforced corners that are prominent on the Case-Mate.

The trade-off, however, is evident as the Thin Fit is slimmer than the Case-Mate and feels more natural to hold and carry, but it's a modest difference.

Spigen Thin Fit: What you'll love

Spigen Galaxy Z Flip Edge

Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central)

Spigen did a great job with the fit and finish. Everything is measured perfectly on the Thin Fit. While the difference between it and the Case-Mate for thinness is not a lot, the Spigen feels more casual and closer to the Z-Flip without a case (it's slimmer than the TPU case too).

While the hinge is now exposed, at least with the purple Z Flip, you do get to appreciate the color a bit more.

There's zero interference with the fingerprint reader, which can't be said with the Case-Mate.

When opened, you barely notice the slightly thicker bezel with the Spigen too.

Spigen Thin Fit: What you won't like

It's not drop-rated, so protection here is limited.

The Spigen also still picks up hand oil quickly, something that could have been avoided if Spigen added some texture. Adding that would have also made this case more grippy to hold. While it's much better than no case, I feel having some texture on the bottom of the case would be a better design.

While the hinge looks excellent, it is exposed, and that could cause some anxiety if you were to drop the Galaxy Z Flip.

Because a light adhesive is used to keep this case on the Z Flip, this is not a case you can take off or put on randomly. The Case-Mate, however, does allow this ability since it is a single piece.

Spigen Thin Fit for Galaxy Z Flip is easy to recommend

Spigen Galaxy Z Flip Top

Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino/Android Central)

Understandably, if you want a thin but hard case for the Galaxy Z Flip, you won't get nearly as much drop protection as something like the Case-Mate. Most people will be pleased with the Spigen, however.

The Spigen Thin Fit feels more natural and akin to the Galaxy Z Flip with no case, which is precisely what some people desire. The ports are all exposed, the fingerprint reader always works, and for $30, it's not a bad price either.

4.5 out of 5

The Spigen Thin Fit is a no-frills, thin, hard-case that looks great and offers reasonable protection from scratches, daily wear, and small dings, and even short drops.

Daniel Rubino