Sources: TAG Heuer to launch a new connected watch in mid-March

Back in January 2017, TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver said the company wanted to release a successor to the $1,500 TAG Connected in May 2017 during an interview with Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Android Central has learned some details about the coming TAG wearable from one of those people "familiar with the matter."

Our sources tell us the Tag Connected Modular will arrive March 14, 2017, and have a unique set of features that make it a true one-of-a-kind Wear 2.0 smart watch. The TAG Connected Modular will feature fully customizable lugs complete with a choice of straps and clasps to swap at your convenience. A custom automatic watch head module will allow the wear to switch between the digital connected Android Wear 2.0 body and a more traditional automatic movement.

TAG Heuer considers the original TAG Connected a successful product citing strong initial sales that exceeded the original goal of moving 20,000 units of the expensive wearable. Biver noted that TAG considers smart watch technology to still be in "the stone age" and there is plenty of future potential in the market. TAG wants to be part of that future.

We understood that TAG Heuer planned to leverage its strength as a traditional watchmaker by offering to accommodate the variety of styles and wrist sizes found in the different markets it services. A modular customizable timepiece meets and exceeds those goals. With no word on the pricing, we expect this one to be a wearable we can long for and admire from afar. We'll know more come March.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • If they made it sub 500 they might sell alot
  • And if Porsche sold their cars for less than a Ford Fusion, they'd sell truck loads, too. They'd kill their brand in half a week, but who cares, huh?
  • oh they just made a moto z of a watch. so the watch has a base that contains batter and essential sensors for general fitness tracking, which is thin and small, on top of it you have the choice to affix on either a digital face which is a additional battery and screen, or an analogue watch face. You can switch the faces whenever you want, but with digital face you get the display of all apps and messages, when pairing with analogue watch it look like just one of the traditional watches. you don't have notifications but it still tracks your moves and sleep. of course this is just an pure speculation but whoever makes this watch will get some sweet, sweet love.