Source code posted for Open webOS port to the Galaxy Nexus

We're not quite up to a flashable build just yet -- and we're still along way from using this as a daily driver -- but the source code has been posted to github to for an Open webOS port to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, just a few days after we got a taste of it running on said device.

As you'll recall, Open webOS is the open source version of webOS that HP release after killing off the Palm brand, and its hardware. It's great to see that it's got a little life left in it, and we've already seen teases of it running on Android tablets as well. Things are still very much alpha. Hardware acceleration is rough, at best. Or, as the webOS-Ports team puts it, it's "like a baby bird ... it crashes a bit after takeoff."

Stick around, folks. There's more to come.

Source: webOS-Ports; via webOS Nation

Phil Nickinson