Grab Sony's silver Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones on sale for $224 with code BHDSVE through Nationwide Distributors at Google Express. These are $350 headphones at most retailers, including Amazon. The deal comes with free delivery and ends August 12.

So Good

Sony Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones

These headphones very rarely go on sale, and they definitely don't drop this low even when they do. You're saving a huge chunk of change thanks to the third party retailer and the promo code.

$224 $350 $126 off

With coupon: BHDSVE

These headphones include USB-C charging, atomic pressure optimization that can adjust for noise-cancelling at higher altitudes, a 30-hour battery life, a quick-charging feature that will give you five hours of playback after 10 minutes of charging, and multiple microphones. The Adaptive Sound Control will allow you to adjust just how much ambient noise you want to hear, especially if you're in a case like walking down the street where you might want to hear the vehicles barreling down on you.

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The new QN1 HD noise-cancelling processor is supposed to work four times faster than the previous generation, and currently much more expensive, XM2. The Dual Noise Sensor technology will work with the QN1 to weaken ambient noise. The XM3 even have a feature that let you access Google Assistant with the push of a button.

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