Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra updated with white balance setting

Other changes include improvements to Wifi, Bluetooth streaming and the stock email app 

Just a month after the Sony Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra were updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, there's a second 4.3-based firmware rolling out to both handsets. Sony has confirmed via Twitter (opens in new tab) that the update is rolling out in stages starting today, with "display, BT [Bluetooth] music streaming, email, Wifi improvements," among other changes. The only real difference we've noticed on our European Z1 is the addition of a "white balance" option under display settings, allowing users to tweak the color characteristics of their screens.

The update to version 14.2.A.1.136 seems to be available only through Sony's PC Companion and Mac Bridge apps at present — presumably an over-the-air rollout will kick off in the near future.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Will this include the xperia tablet z as sony seems to update large groups their devices at once. G2
  • Sony Xperia Z1.
    Great technology, takes amazing pictures and you can carry your videos, pictures and movies with you. It tends to get very hot when using it in video games for long periods of time.
  • I'll take it. Prefer some kitkat though.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Guy's please do not update as the new update has lot of bugs. Specially wifi connectivity. Even battery drain is too fast. Posted via Xperia Z1 smart phone.
  • Don't lie to people, there's no bug or battery drain... Seems good and stable.
  • ya i was wrong at that point regarding battery drain but still there are bugs and slow wifi connectivity as usual....
  • No, madan, maybe just for you and a few others. I have no issues at all. And also i have to say it is working much better now than before. - My bluetooth issues are gone now (smartwatch 2, sbh52, and bose series 2).
    - Wifi is working nice (always did for me, btw)
    - Feels a little more smoothier
    - Battery seems a little better....but is great from before (as long as i don't turn screen on for a long time, lol....this sucks)
    - BIG HINT: I've managed to work EAS with no problems at all, syncing contacts, emails and calendar great (i have to say i had problems with contacts only). This is not about latest upgrade, i just want to share with you guys my experience.
    What i did (and it is been working for 4 days now, considering before only last first syncing), delete exchange account, then, on my page, delete all birthdays from outlook contacts (yes, it is a shame, but....), including messenger contacts who has birthdays on it (skype also has these contacts, so i did not lose them). When everybody had no birthdays or anything to do with "dates", i re-add my exchange account (on my xperia Z1) and have been working flawlessly ever since. Best regards.
  • Just updated my XZU... will post any issues encountered if any. Posted via Android Central App