Sony Xperia X Compact now on sale for $499

The list price on the Xperia X Compact is a somewhat-steep $499, but if it's the phone for you and you want it right at launch you can now pull the trigger on one. At $499 the X Compact is a bit more palatable than the $699 Xperia XZ, though it still lands in an awkward pricing bracket — slightly above solid mid-range phones that hit the $399 price point, but below flagships near $600.

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If you aren't up to speed with what the X Compact offers, let us offer a quick primer. The 4.6-inch little sibling to the Xperia XZ offers a really solid (and undeniably Sony designed) build, and runs on a Snapdragon 650 processor with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, plus an SD card slot. Though it's smaller than the XZ, it isn't short on performance or battery life, and even has Sony's latest 23MP camera setup.

The X Compact sits in an awkward price category, but is a great little phone.

The phone doesn't quite match other flagships as it's lacking a fingerprint sensor and waterproofing, but in nearly every respect is the "small flagship" many have been clamoring for. And of course it's less expensive than Sony's last couple of high-end phones. If it seems like a phone worth your consideration, be sure to read our full review and then hit up the link below to order.

Amazon was running a $50 off discount for pre-orders of the X Compact, but at the time of writing that offer seems to have disappeared. Keep an eye out if it happens to come back.

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