Sony Xperia V boasts 'sensor-on-lens' screen technology

Sony's late 2012 Xperia smartphones are about to hit store shelves in Europe, and among them is the LTE-capable Xperia V, a 4.3-incher with similar internals to the larger Xperia T. One feature that's unique to the V, however, is Sony's "sensor-on-lens" screen technology, which integrates touch sensor directly onto the surface of the display. Similar techniques like have been employed by manufacturers like ASUS in the Nexus 7, and Apple's iPhone 5 is widely rumored to have similar tech lurking within its display.

The result of combining these parts into a single layer is a brighter display -- Sony estimates a 5% improvement in luminance -- with less distortion when viewing the screen off-angle. The closeness of the touch sensor to the display, Sony says, should also remove the parallax effect involved with using traditional touchscreens.

The Sony Xperia V should arrive sometime in Q4. Unlike the xperia T, we've yet to hear any specifics regarding pricing of launch markets.

Source: Sony Developer Blog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Make it happen! Sony Xperia V -- the best phone EVAH! Waiting impatiently.
  • I always think these stories are funny. All of these new phones are starting to go with a two-layer approach, but this is what Samsung has been doing since the release of the Galaxy S almost two-and-a-half years ago. Granted, Samsung embeds the touch sensors in the AMOLED panel, not the glass, but if one way is better than the other, they should talk about why (rather than comparing it to the years-old approach).
  • Well in the glass it's defenetly have more space, if Samsung put that sensor above OLEDs it really won't matter much since it nearly the same thing