Sony is in pretty deeply with Android in their mobile division, but they're also known for making some pretty good stand-alone cameras. It looks like the two teams have got together, and they've released a developer program to help the folks who make Android apps build something wonderful.

I've got a couple Android tricks I use for photography, from a Triggertap and app (once the beta app gets ironed out, look for a full review of this awesome little tool) to an app from Panasonic that lets me use my Nexus 7 as a remote viewfinder and controller for my video camera. If you take a lot of pictures or video, whether as a hobby or for work, these tools can come in very handy.

With Sony's new program and Camera Remote API, it looks like they are prepared to push that envelope a little further. The API will help you build apps that can control the camera, get the image of what the sensor sees, upload the images and even do some fancy things like time-lapse photography. The API is also platform agnostic, and will work with developers writing apps for Android, iOS and Windows. To top it off, it's JSON based so most developers will be able to learn how to implement it quickly.

With the new QX10 and QX100 gaining a good bit of interest, it's smart for Sony to do this. They have a basic app in Google Play, and one coming to the Apple app store, that you can control things with, but it needs some improvement to really use these new lens cameras to their fullest potential. The tools are in place (at the beta stage, at least) to make that happen. We're excited to see where this goes.

Source: Sony