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Sony unveils new limited edition Days of Play PS4 Slim

Remember Sony's Days of Play from last year when the company released a limited edition blue PS4 Slim console? Well Days of Play is returning this year in June, and players will soon get the chance to purchase another limited edition PS4 Slim.

You can see the design in the trailer above, and quite honestly it's about as plain as it gets. Instead of the usual black color, it's just been changed to a steel gray with the DualShock's iconic face buttons adorning the top. A matching DualShock controller will also accompany the console. It's not exactly impressive, and if you read the comments you'll see people are wondering why it isn't a PlayStation 4 Pro.

What this Days of Play PS4 Slim has in common with a PS4 Pro, though, is that it'll come packed with a 1TB hard drive. Other than that, it appears to be a normal PlayStation 4.

The console is expected to hit store shelves in June, just like the previous Days of Play PS4 did last year. If it's priced similarly to its predecessor, it should retail at $299.

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Jennifer Locke
Jennifer Locke

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