PlayStation 4 Android apps

Sony (sorta) unveiled the PlayStation 4 last night in New York, and along with hardware, software and development details, the electronics giant talked about how the new console would tie into mobile devices. For Android and iOS, Sony said it'd bring "second screen" experiences to these devices.

Like Microsoft's "SmartGlass," the PS4 smartphone apps will allow gamers to bring relevant information to their mobile device whether they're in front of their console or not. In-game, the apps will be able to offer extra content like maps in an adventure game, Sony says. And when you're away from home, the app will tie into the PlayStation Network, allowing you to purchase games or peek in on your friends' games in real time. There's no mention of any PS Vita-style "remote play" option for smartphones just yet -- if something like this is to be offered on phones, it's likely it might be tied into Sony's existing PlayStation Mobile certification program.

The PlayStation 4 is due to appear in time for the holidays, and though we got a quick peek at its smartphone and tablet apps on-stage last night, the box itself was conspicuously absent.

Source: Sony Computer Entertainment International (PDF)