Sony teases Internet TV (aka Google TV)

Since Google TV was announced, we have been waiting for some concrete products that will have the software. The Logitech Revue is nice, but for Google TV to really change the way we watch TV, it has to be imbedded into the actual TV you buy and not another set-top box. Sony has stepped up to the plate by teasing its Internet TV, which it proclaims as "the world's first HDTV incorporating the Google TV platform."

Details on the specs of the TV itself are sparse, and any hint of a release date or price are also absent. However, it is probably safe to assume Sony would love to have this out for the holiday shopping season, and they had them on hand at Google IO last spring. We will all just have to wait until October 12th to find out more. Click on to the source link to read all the (vague) details (and some old videos). [Sony]

Kyle Gibb