Sony at IFA 2014 – Liveblogging at 10 a.m. EDT on Wednesday!

Phones, tablets, cameras, watches, Sony will have a packed lineup for us

Sony is taking its traditional IFA 2014 slot on Wednesday out in Berlin, getting its press conference out of the way and unleashing its fall product range on us. We're expecting phones, tablets, cameras, watches and who knows what else – probably a good amount of TVs – and we'll be live on the ground and we're bringing you with us.

The event takes place after both Asus and Samsung have had their own respective times in the spotlight, and there's going to be plenty of news to round out a busy, busy day. The event kicks off at 4 p.m. local time here in Berlin which translates back to 10 a.m Eastern and 7 a.m. Pacific.

We'll have a liveblog post going up nearer the time, so keep your eye out for that and be sure to come back and join us to follow the action live!

Richard Devine
  • would be good to see how the z3 compares to the z2 in physical looks
  • I agree. I've been tempted to pick up the z2 but if Sony has reduced those bezels a bit u will probably go z3 Posted via Android Central App
  • Is this outside the US only? It would be a switch but accurate Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't wait! Posted via my Sony Xperia Z2
  • Wow! Can't wait, no!! :)
  • Money on standby for orange or copper Z3 if rumored pics are true! Posted via Android Central App
  • Had a Z2 for a few weeks and had a chance to sell it for more than I paid...(interesting story) so I sold it and got a OnePlus One for nearly half of what the Z2 cost... Still have the Sony in my thoughts so interested in seeing what the Z3 and Z3 compact bring! Good thing it will be early here in Texas when the news breaks...
  • Yay!
  • At Midnight tonight for Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Hobart/Canberra folks.
    I may stay up for it. In my Android history I have owned 2 Sony phones and 2 Nexii. Maybe time to try another Xperia.
  • "Nexii" would be plural of "Nexius". My last three phones have been Xperias, I hope the Z3 Compact isn't too much bigger than its predecessor. :/
  • Anxiously waiting for the Z3 Compact!!!
  • Please announce a Z3 Ultra for Sprint and also a Z3 (not Compact) tablet! Fingers crossed...