Sony bringing native DUALSHOCK 3 controller support to Xperia phones

Sony looks to be adding system level support for their popular Playstation DUALSHOCK 3 controllers to Xperia phones. User will be able to wirelessly connect their controllers without root or any cumbersome set up routines, using only a USB OTG cable for the initial pairing. 

As you can see in the video (find it after the break) you plug your controller into the phone's USB port, turn it on, enter the device settings and enable the controller. After some data exchange over the wire, you're told to unplug the controller and can now use it via the device's Bluetooth connection. There's no word when we should expect to see this, or if it will even be ported back to older and current Xperia devices.

Of course, you'll need to use games that support a controller for the best experience, but the controller will also navigate through the UI, much like Logitech controllers currently do with various tablet devices. Add in a TV or monitor via the device's HDMI output, and it sounds like the making of a game console. Hit the break for the video.

Source: Xperia blog

Jerry Hildenbrand
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