Sony announces the quad-core, 10-inch Tablet Z

Sony Mobile has announced the Android 4.1-powered Xperia Tablet Z, right as we expected them to do so. The specs also match last week's rumors, with a few extra surprises thrown in. The Tablet Z comes equipped with a 10.1-inch WUXGA (1920 x 1200) display complete with the Mobile Bravia Engine 2, 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of on device storage, a microSD card slot, NFC, and an 8.1 MP Exmor R camera. Providing the juice for all this is the Qualcomm quad-core APQ8064 processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, with an LTE modem on board for the ride. As rumored, the Tablet Z is also extremely thin (6.9 mm) as well as water and dust proof like it's slightly smaller cousin the Xperia Z.

What we don't know is pricing and availability. Hopefully we get word at Mobile World Congress next month if not earlier. We'll keep an eye out and let you know when Sony has anything further to tell us all. We've got a picture of the rear after the break.

Source: Sony Mobile (Japan)

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Please let this come out before mid-March. I will definitely buy this in a heartbeat.
  • $599
  • Sounds good. Glad I passed on the N10.
  • Except that the Nexus 10 seems like a better tablet. Also without a lame skin.
  • Yup. The N10 /is/ the better tablet, even if it doesn't look as sexy. That display > 1080p. Trust me.
  • "Better" is subjective and aesthetics matter to me. I think the screen will be fine for my purposes.
  • agree!! this one is going to be priced $599
  • Yep for $100 less you can get an N10 with a better screen, Android 4.2 and update to Key Lime Pie in June. The Sony tablet will probably never get KLP or if it does it will be 1 year or more after the N10. To get this over the N10 = smoking crack
  • I wish they had more pictures of it!
  • Do Sony retail stores offer warranty exchanges/repairs a la Apple?
  • Good looking/ nice specs Decent storage like some of the others out there. Too bad Moosc is right, 500$ at least
  • This may well be my next tablet - if it doesn't have that horrible glass back...
  • clarifying - it looks like it might have the same sorta glass back as the Xperia Z - if it does that's a dealbreaker.
  • > Android 4.1 ¬¬
  • This looks like a very nice tablet. It won't be hitting North American shores right?
  • thin and fast... hmm..
  • What does this tab offer? The nexus 10 seems to have much more to offer minus the SD card slot. This will just be another overpriced Sony product with poor sales.
  • I for one favor a tablet with LTE capability despite the high service cost for little data limit. This looks like the 10" version I was hoping to see of my Nexus 7, and with LTE as oppose to 3G. The Nexus 10 will most likely have an LTE version too, and being Google, updates are always on time and a guarantee! Hmmm...decisions decisions!
  • yeah its super nice ,except for no timely updates .
  • The specs are so last year. Better for Sony to offer this than nothing I guess.
  • Perhaps SONY get things right this year. The new phone looks good. How thin can things get without breaking in half really easily? Remember when Android tablets were a hopeless case? We seem to be getting lots of choice now.
  • Stop putting your logos on the front of your devices!