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Sony announces next-gen Exmor RS image sensors for mobile devices

Sony has announced its next generation of smartphone and tablet image sensors, dubbed 'Exmor RS.' Succeeding the company's current line-up of Exmor R sensors, Exmor RS will utilize a stacked CMOS sensor with a standard RGB coding, compared to earlier models which required additional detectors for white light in addition to red, green and blue.

Expected to make its debut in October, Exmor RS will come in three flavors -- two 8MP units, and a higher-end 13MP unit. In addition, Sony says it's developed new f/2.2 lenses to go with its new image sensors, opening the door to higher-quality HDR (high dynamic range) video recording on mobile devices.

Given the timing of this announcement, we don't expect to see Exmor RS used in any of the Sony phones to be announced at next week's IFA press conference on Aug. 29. instead, we'll be looking for the tech in the next generation of Sony phones in early 2013. But this isn't just big news for Sony fans -- remember that other brands like Samsung and Apple also use Sony camera tech in their leading products.

Source: Sony (Japanese), via: Engadget

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

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  • Nice, better cameras are always welcome.
  • It would be cool if this was also shared with other manufactures, not just Sony phones.
  • Last part of the last paragraph of the submission... Sony cameras are already used in most smartphones (like the iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S3) and no doubt these will be used as well.
  • Exacly, manufacture don't produce anything since they know other companies are better at it so they buying components from them.
  • Higher megapixels is all well and good, and HDR, very welcome indeed, but the main drawback of these sensors is the 'shutter speed' of picture taking. How often do we have to re-take a picture or remind ourselves to hold our phones VERY STILL while taking a picture? And admittedly, if it has a ringtone, it's "not a real camera", but that would bring it a significant step closer.