Leaked product roadmaps are always good fun, giving us a cheeky glimpse at what a manufacturer or carrier may have planned for the next several months. The latest leaked roadmap to emerge comes from Sony, by way of GSMArena. According to the leaked list, the newly-minted Sony Mobile Communications has at least 11 unannounced devices in the pipeline for 2012. This is as unconfirmed and unofficial as it gets, so take this one with a pinch of salt. However, the information in the list does align somewhat with what we've heard from earlier Sony leaks. According to ​GSMArena​, all of the phones detailed in the roadmap run Android, and it should also be noted that we're dealing in codenames here, not official branding.

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The first half of the year is supposedly dominated by the Xperia S, which we've just seen at CES, along with three new mid-to-entry-level phones -- the ST25i Kumquat, LT22i Nypon and MT27i Pepper. All three have surfaced before in earlier leaks, and we even saw some blurry-cam footage of the Pepper a few weeks back. The middle of the year apparently sees the release of a slew of phones, including the Tapioca, a budget offering, and the Hayabusa, a ~€500-level high-end device. September, too, sees both high and low-end devices coming to market, including the ~€550-level "Mint" and the sub-€200 "AFFM".

Of all the new codenames, the one that jumps out to us is "Atlas", a device which, according to the list, will arrive in September. If you'll allow us to engage in some dangerous and unfounded speculation, we'll point out that "Atlas" is the second Sony phone to carry the codename of an ancient Greek deity. The first, as you may remember, was the Xperia Play, which went by the name of Zeus.

Again, this is all well within rumor territory for the time being. The origin of the list is apparently a leaked Indian sales report, from which the prices have been converted into Euros. So don't be surprised if the actual pricing ends up landing either side of the converted figures, assuming they were even correct to begin with. For more, check the full list over at the source link.

Source: GSMArena