As much as we love Sonos speakers, there's one big feature that's been noticeably absent for quite some time — the Google Assistant. The company's first Alexa-powered speaker (the Sonos One) has proven to be a truly excellent gadget, and while Alexa works great, Assistant users have been left out in the cold for nearly a year.

Sonos has continued to promise that it's working on bringing the Google Assistant over to the One and its other speakers, and thanks to an interview The Verge recently had with CEO Patrick Spence, we finally have a rough timeline to look forward to.

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Per The Verge

When pressed on the December 31st deadline he had just set forth for Sonos, Spence says the feature was important to have ready for the holiday sales period. "We're working as hard as we can and so is Google to get it ready for that time," he says.

There's still no word on a specific day, week, or even month, but that "holiday sales period" will likely see the Google Assistant drop at some point in November or December.

This news comes on the same day of Sonos' IPO with Nasdaq. The company started off at $16/share, reached a high of $21, and finally closed at $19.91. With that closing number, Sonos now has an estimated value of $1.95 billion.

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