Someone made a YouTube app for Android Auto, and that's a terrible idea

Android Auto had a surprisingly big presence at this year's CES. Wireless connectivity and full Google Assistant support are the two main features that are coming to Android Auto, and now there's an app you can download that lets you watch YouTube videos while in the car.

The app is called "YouTubeAuto" and it was created by developer Kiran Kumar. You can browse all the latest trending videos, check out new uploads from channels you're subscribed to, and search through YouTube's entire catalog of clips. It's essentially a port of the regular YouTube app for Android phones and tablets, and while some of the UI looks a bit stretched off and janky, you do have access to just about every YouTube feature that you'd find in the mobile app.

I certainly don't recommend watching YouTube videos while driving, and this something you'll see a warning for every time you open the app. With that said, if there's a podcast, song, or other video that you can just listen to in the background, this might be worth checking out.

YouTubeAuto isn't available in the Play Store as it violates Android Auto's guidelines — and in fact sideloaded apps don't work by default on Android Auto, which is why you have to jump through a couple hoops to get this to work at all. But if you still want to take a look, you can download the APK file now from Kumar's website.

Android Auto is fantastic with the addition of Google Assistant and wireless connectivity

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • This sounds open to people being completely stupid and watching videos at the wheel. If there was a way to have a warning or blackout the video player while in use it would be great for listening to hard to find music etc on the move
  • I have seen people with laptops mounted like you would see in a police car, driving on my commute home watching videos. One was specifically watching Netflix (was able to see into their car when the video started and had the Netflix splash) They are investing in their own vehicle homicide/suicide. Dumb will do dumb. The ONLY way I could see YTV getting to AA safely, is for them to support multiple screens, like screens in the ceiling or headrest for passengers and you control what the back seat watches. You can pause or select another video from the headunit, but the front seats can't watch it.
  • There's a reason this isn't in the Play Store and Android Central is being negligent and irresponsible for creating this article.
  • I agree.
  • Make sure you wear your bike helmet every time you go out of the house
  • Seriously, we don't want you to have this because we know what's best for you.
  • Well, they're quoting a seemingly less spammy/"Sponsored Content" Android site. So likely the cat is already out of the bag.
  • I would love if I could get YouTube Music on Android Auto, not for the videos just for the music. :)
  • "Ha Ha, look at that cat playing the..." CRASH.....
  • This is a major lawsuit just waiting to happen.
  • The more technology gets better the dumber we get.
  • This sounds like a disaster begging to happen.
  • I listen to YouTube playlist when I drive anyways so this is helpful.
  • What a bunch of millennial , helicopter , bike helmet wearing pansies.
  • No, it's common fuucking sense, something ass hole's like you will never have or understand.
  • Why so mad?
  • Because choosing to use this doesn't just endanger you, but everyone else on the road.
  • I don't use seatbelts either. Thankfully my car is old enough so no annoying alarm or idiot light. Good thing bubble wrap is cheap. Stock up.
  • You obviously don't know anyone who has died due to distracted driving, whether it be texting or even reading a book. But you're one of the "cool kids" given you don't wear a seatbelt.
  • For someone responsible like me it would be great as my wife could watch videos on trips and I would use it to listen to video podcasts (like AC used to do). However, it does seem like a bad idea overall and I would imagine Google trying to stop it. Our van disables video to the front screen when you shift out of park and for good reason.
  • ....And I just bought a car with AA. Coincidence, of course, but it will be great when I'm sitting still or need to keep the passenger entertained and quiet. Read: Passenger=Wife
  • This is so cool! I am a very good and responsible driver and only use it to listen to music playli... PAM!!!! WTF??? I just go hit by a guy watching cat videos while driving and now one of my kids is dead and the other one paraplegic, oh god, why did I ever supported this really bad idea!?!
  • I'm not sure if Joe likes the idea or not. Title says hell no , but article says maybe?
  • Just be aware that your insurance company will likely cancel your coverage if they found out about this. Any device which plays movies or video which is within sight of the driver while the vehicle is in motion is in violation of most policies. I found this out the hard way when it was determined that the head unit in my car with a flip up screen could play DVD's and other media, and I had to pay out of pocket for damages, even though I don't watch movies and the unit was turned off.
  • This is a good example of why I use extreme caution when deciding to modify a product from working as it was manufactured. Not sure what happened to you, but most often that is the case. It's just not worth the risk regardless of how innocent the intention. You can plead all day long that it was just to listen to music, but all it takes is a judge or jury to think otherwise and you are out a bunch of money, or even worse in jail.
  • To all those on their very high horses... Normal GPS units that we have been using for over 20 years in cars would cause the same exact distraction. Infotainment systems in cars over the past 5 years have become increasingly complicated and cause the driver to look through menus for something as simple as changing the temperature or wether you want vents or defrost. Yes there will be idiots out there as there always are, but make sure you don't slip and fall in horse crap when you get off that high horse...SMH
  • Look at the interior of the Tesla Model 3. Everything...I mean EVERYTHING is run through the touchscreen which, by its nature, requires you to take your eyes off the road and LOOK at it to interact with it. Climate control, radio controls, seat heaters, etc. Everything is on the touchscreen.
  • Kudos!!! You're absolutely correct.
  • I like the "This is a terrible idea, and you should NEVER do's a link to the APK"
  • Video screens in dash are not a new thing at all. Head units from 15 years ago had big screens and dvd players. You can't stop people from doing stupid stuff. If someone wants to watch video while they drive they will find a way. Not condoning or condemning the behavior, just condemning the outrage over it.
  • Bad news
  • It great if you're a responsible person. Can it be made to only work while you are parked? I have it now and I only use it when I am parked.
  • I don't understand the accusations of people watching TV while driving either. Of course, don't do it. But let the passangers watch? Sure.
    Or, like me, watch videos about how to use AA while sitting in the car, while in park. Or waiting for friends. Or playing a youtube video that is only music, like a live radio station. So many good ideas for this that are not dangerous.
  • Question on android auto or apple car play... if it works using ur phone, does that mean it uses ur data while using navigation?? Cause if that's the case that sucks... I would think having a car with regular navigation is better so u don't use ur data.... right???