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What you need to know

  • Some publishers have stated that upgraded PS5 versions of existing games will not have PSVR support.
  • Some PSVR games will continue to use PS4 versions when running on the PS5 for backward compatibility reasons.
  • It's not clear how many games will receive this treatment, but a few new and upcoming games are on the list.

PSVR players who were hoping that the PS5 versions of popular games would include PSVR enhancements might be a little disappointed in the near future. It seems increasingly common that PS5 developers are cutting out PSVR functionality on games that are available on both PS4 and PS5. This, in lieu of keeping PSVR support as a "backwards compatibility" function only. That means upcoming games like Hitman 3 will support PSVR, but only when playing the PS4 version, even if you are playing it on PS5.

It's not yet known whether or not these PS4 versions of PSVR games will include a resolution upgrade, or if they will simply be identical to the existing PS4 versions. Just a few days ago, Ubisoft recalled a statement saying some of its PS4 games won't work on PS5, later revealing that PSVR games Star Trek Bridge Crew and Werewolves Within should work on PS5 but gave no specifics on visual enhancements, even saying that players may experience errors while playing.

Sony has been less than forthcoming with specifics on how PS4 games will look on PS5, although it has said multiple times that most of the PS4's library of over 4,000 games will work on PS5 in an enhanced "game boost" mode — PSVR games included. PSVR owners who are getting a PS5 need to request a free adapter from Sony in order to allow the PSVR to work properly on the PS5. There's no official word on the PSVR 2 just yet, but we know Sony is working on new hardware and new experiences, alike.

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The tower of power

PS5 is the place to be for exclusives like Spider-Man and Horizon Forbidden West. The standard PS5 boasts a disc drive so that you can play 4K Blu-ray discs and use your physical PS4 games through backward combability.

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