Some OnePlus 8 Pro users are reporting display green tint and 'black crush' issues [Updated]

OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8 Pro (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Updated 5:20 PM ET: Since publishing this story, OnePlus has reached out with the following response — "OnePlus values user feedback and is committed to delivering the best smartphone experience. Our team is currently investigating these reports to identify the best solutions for our users, and we will issue updates as soon as they are ready. Regarding the green tint, we are working to resolve this in our next OTA."

What you need to know

  • A few OnePlus 8 Pro owners are claiming the phone's display has green tint and black crush issues.
  • The issues only show up when the screen is set at 120Hz and the brightness is lowered.
  • A similar issue was reported by owners of the Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra recently.

A few owners of the Exynos-powered Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra started reporting a weird display green tint issue earlier this month, after installing the April 2020 security update on their phones. An update to fix the issue started rolling out yesterday and is expected to become widely available by the end of this month.

Oneplus 8 Pro Green Tint

Source: WhateverSuitsU on OnePlus Community Forums (Image credit: Source: WhateverSuitsU on OnePlus Community Forums)

While Samsung seems to have fixed the green tint issue affecting some Galaxy S20 Ultra units, OnePlus 8 Pro owners have now started reporting a similar green glow. According to some owners on the OnePlus Community forums, the green tint appears on the screen only when the refresh rate is set at 120Hz, and the brightness is lowered.

OnePlus hasn't acknowledged the issue yet, so it isn't clear if the company is planning to release a software update to fix the issue. When contacted by a OnePlus 8 Pro owner regarding the issue, the company replied saying a slight display discoloration may occur due to the properties of the AMOLED display and does not affect daily usage in any way. Some owners claim that the issue can be fixed by turning on the DC Dimming feature, but doing so results in "black crush." For many, "black crush" could be even more annoying than a green tint, as it can completely ruin the viewing experience.

The standard OnePlus 8, which has a 90Hz panel, doesn't appear to suffer from the same issues.

Babu Mohan
News Writer