Some Galaxy S9 owners have unresponsive touchscreens

It's not uncommon for a new gadget to launch with a few bugs here and there, but the severity of these often varies from phone-to-phone. Even a company as large as Samsung still manages to drop the ball here and there, and according to a number of customer complaints, something wonky is going on with the Galaxy S9's touchscreen.

The issue at hand has to do with the responsiveness of the Galaxy S9's screen. People are experiencing "dead spots", meaning that swiping or tapping on the display doesn't result in anything happening the way it should. This issue has been reported for both the Galaxy S9 and S9+, and even some of the Android Central forum members have fallen victim to this.

Hi I am facing display issues on my S9+ bought 3 days back in india. It was working fine but suddenly the top area of the display stopped working. Resetting is not helping. How many are facing this issue.

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It does respond on the top right area of the screen to taps and swipes down, however does respond if you swipe up. Not sure what the reason is. Is it hardware software. Still persist after factory reset.

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Samsung has since issued a statement saying that it's "looking into a limited number of reports" regarding the situation, but as it stands, it's unclear just how "limited" this really is or isn't.

Until then, however, we'd like to hear from you – If you've got a Galaxy S9/S9+, have you experienced dead zones on the screen?

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