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Sneak peek at Verizon's Droid Bionic 'Rule All Machines' commercial

Update: Looks like the video unsurprisingly got TOS'd overnight. Hope you caught it while it was still up.

If you've been fortunate to catch the sneak peeks of the Motorola Droid Bionic of Verizon's website lately, you've likely seen the "Rule All Machines" tag line. And that sort of robot domination is continued into Verizon's upcoming commercial for the Droid Bionic. A sneak peek just found its way into our inbox, which we now present to you here.

There are a couple of things to note here. One is the September window, of course, and the other is a QR code that shows up for just a few frames around the 33-second mark. We've been trying (to no avail) to scan the damn thing. If any of you get it to work, sing out in the comments.

Bon appetite.

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  • Anyone else try scanning that QR code =)
  • Get it to work?
  • The white flash on the screen doesn't go past the top of the code, so mine doesn't distinguish it because it's black right above the top boxes... maybe a QR reader that scanned saved pictures would do it if you cut the picture off at the top of the code.
  • I was thinking if you threw it into photoshop and chopped off that black off the top it may work? Someone try it, I would but I don't have this phone yet to do it XD.
  • The QR code leads you to the VZW teaser page
  • ......still no release date huh? Whatever Verizon. And youd think the device right after it would be "Ruling all Machines " aka the Droid HD
  • Yea, that will definitely make me rush right out and get one. Personally, I think at $299 it's DOA. I wouldn't get one at $199 and my contract ends in 4 days.
  • So what phone on verizon is better than this? I am not getting this but come on lte, dual core, 1 gb ram. Nothing else on verizon even comes close.
  • the prime or vigor might be but then again that will be a toss up to which manufacturer you prefer.
  • The thing is, WHEN will the Prime or Vigor be available? You could be waiting until 1st QTR 2012 before we see those. I want a LTE phone NOW and with the Bionic's specs, it should handle my needs. A .2 to .5 Ghz processor increase and .2" increase in screen size is not revolutionary at this point.
  • This is the worst droid commercial yet. Sad they can't come up with something better than this.
  • Yeah it's pretty awful.
  • I have no problem with them relying on "Sex sells". But then again, I'm just a guy.
  • What an uninspired piece of crap. Shit. I thought the charge commercial was pretty decent and thought to myself "wow how they gonna take it up a notch" Well I have my answer. That never crossed their minds. Apparently their target audience to sell the bionic to are self empowered tweens. Nothing about this commercial makes he HAVE to have this device. *note to vzw* FIRE the producer and director of this commercial.
  • They did something to the video , you can spot the barcode (but you can't read it anyway) clearly when you play the video at normal speed , but when you go frame by frame , the barcode doesn't appear !
  • Where is the original?
  • I understand (in theory) the dark commercials -- because of the Droid, robot stuff -- but I have never been a fan of the Droid commercials. I'm not saying that Droid-branded commercials need to be all white cloud fluffy like iPhone commercials, but something a little more inviting. If you're not a big sci-fi buff, these commercials can be a turn off.
  • it's just so... dorky...
  • it's a youtube within a youtube.
  • And this my friends is the reason why Sprint is gaining in subscribers! Keep it up Verizon with your oh so "awesome" phones, ruling the data capped air lol
  • Sprint is gaining subscribers over Verizon? You must be taking crazy pills, my friend.
  • Someone who isn't on Verizon doesn't understand this, but the draw to Verizon is their network, not their phones. When was the last time you have seen Sprint make an announcement of new cities being upgraded to 4G?
    Hint: They aren't because it isn't happening! Unless you already had WiMax (and not too many did) all of Sprint's "awesome phones" are just 3G phones anyway with no hopes of EVER getting 4G because the radios aren't compatible with the technology they are ditching WiMax for!! P.S. My Verizon data isn't capped & won't be when I upgrade to 4G because I am grandfathered in. My speeds will be MUCH higher than WiMax, & Verizon doesn't throttle their upload speeds like Sprint does currently.
  • My verizon data isn't capped :)
  • Mine isn't either, I think I'm gonna grab the Bionic. If the OMAP4 is overclockable like the OMAP3 in my D1, then we are going to have a lot of fun with this device.
  • I'm just thankful that there is a commercial, which means there will be a Bionic out soon!
  • Video has been removed from youtube.
  • Is there any place to see the video. I saw this last night on my DX and wanted to wait until I was at a desktop to view it...
  • Yes there is.
  • QR Code directs to: I was able to watch the video this morning. Its on Verizons internal pages.