Snaptronics has announced new deals to bring their pet tracking system, Tagg - The Pet Tracker, into more homes. They have made a deal with Audiovox Electroic Corp to help distribute the tracking system. They have also announced new pricing to make it more affordable.

Here is how it works: Tagg - The Pet Tracker is a system that allows owners to see where their pets are at all times via GPS. You can purchase the master kit for $99.95, which now includes one-month of free service. After that, the cost is $7.95/month. If you have multiple pets, an Add-a-pet tracker is $89.95 with an additional monthly cost of $0.95.

The system comes with a collar clip that attaches to your pet, which allows you to follow them on your computer and Android device, which was recently announced. The Android app is free, so if you already have Tagg, then it'd be worth checking out. Please find links to it after the break.