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In this time of social distancing, you and your kids are likely spending much more time around the house and on the internet. Beyond typical internet dangers like malware and hackers, parents now face the challenges of keeping their kids safe from inappropriate content, social media addiction, and boundless screen time. If you're wary of malicious online invaders or you've noticed your child is spending too much time online, it's time to take back control of your home internet setup.

With the Gryphon® Guardian, you can safeguard your home online experience for good. The Gryphon® Guardian is a compact mesh security router and parental control system designed to keep your network safe and easy to use. Simply install the 4" X 4" router and connect any Wi-Fi compatible devices to begin defending them with intrusion detection and malware filtering powered by ESET Antivirus. That's right, no need to fuss with cumbersome installations on the devices you want covered. With two high-powered internal antennas, securing your network with the Gryphon® Guardian is as easy as connect and protect.

In addition to finding and blocking nasty viruses that slow and crash your system, the Gryphon® Guardian has everything you need to maintain healthy online practices for your child. View browsing history and manage screen time, control access to specific apps and programs, and filter inappropriate content with just a few clicks in the Gryphon HomeBound app. Once the Gryphon® Guardian is set up in your home, you can rest assured that your children will be safe when accessing the internet.

With the Gryphon® Guardian, you get powerful network security and cutting-edge parental controls, creating the ultimate in safety when it comes to your home internet experience. The best part is that the Gryphon® Guardian is now on sale for just $98.99, $20 off its original price tag.

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