Smart Keyboard Pro updated to 3.11.0 -- adds really long spacebar

When the Android naysayers come out of the woodwork, they never fail to mention Android's stock keyboard as one of its weaknesses.  Personally, I don't think the stock keyboard is all that bad, especially on a device that has over four inches of screen real estate.  However, that doesn't mean I actually use it, as my heart (and $2.73) belongs to Dexilog's Smart Keyboard Pro.

Smart Keyboard Pro needs no introduction.  Based on its average 4.62 (out of 5) rating more than 6,000 ratings, it's evident that Smart Keyboard Pro has its share of satisfied buyers.  The developer pays attention to user feedback, and issues bug fixes very quickly.  Tweaks and enhancements are added quite frequently as well.

If you're always looking to try out a new keyboard, and haven't gotten your thumbs on Smart Keyboard Pro, I definitely recommend it.  Join me after the break as I dig a little deeper into the increased spacebar length.

I can't remember the last time I used the stock HTC keyboard that came preinstalled on my Evo, but I can tell you that I absolutely hated the arrow keys that did nothing but take up space.  HTC Evo 4G owners will remember  Smart Keyboard Pro doesn't suffer from any of the issues that plague the stock HTC keyboard, but still, some users were asking for a longer spacebar, and Dexilog has responded.  SKBP users now have the option to eliminate the voice, and period/comma keys, and in turn, add a healthy bit of length onto the spacebar.

You're not at any real loss either, as the comma is still available in the commonly used punctuation bar that appears after you've pushed the spacebar.  And of course, a double tap on the spacebar inserts a period.  If you've disabled the voice key, you can find it at its new home on the ALT keys screen.

Prior to the addition of the longer spacebar, I had no issues with SKBP in landscape mode.  In portrait orientation however, accidental presses of the keys surrounding the spacebar weren't uncommon, so the huge increase in spacebar size is definitely welcome in portrait mode.

And there you have it folks.  The longest post in history about a spacebar.

  • honestly. this is WORD for WORD what i wanted to say about this update. When I got the update yesterday I was so excited to see the space bar size increase - it truly helps! Thanks for the great read.
  • The longer the better, as some would say.
  • That's what she said!
  • does anyone know if this app will work on the galaxy tab in landscape mode? seems like it would be a great fit and easy to type with two hands
  • I left the comma but ditched the period. Don't know why someone didn't do this before
  • HTC keyboard on the EVO has too much sh*t on it... I do like the arrow keys though (coming from my hero with a scrollball) for ediiting text. But the keyboard itself isn't really comfortable. "Better Keyboard" . . . I got it and NEVER looked back... sooo comfortable. The only keyboard that I can type with in portrait mode with both hands. Other than that I have **Smart Keyboard
    **Swype (the novelty wore off) it works really well though
    **Vlingo keyboard
  • I agree. I have to use better keyboard on my evo and I've tried them all. Wish I could use the vlingo KB but the lack of punctuation on the top after a space (like most 3rd party kbs ) is a deal breaker for me.
  • I prefer swiftkey myself...although I have Swype installed.
  • Try typing a URL or email address without the period key. Lots of backspacing involved. I love this keyboard, and don't hit the punctuation keys accidentally much. Best keyboard out there, and I've tried them all.
  • Can just hit the ?123 key and the period/comma buttons reappear. How often do you type URLs outside of the browser (for which the keyboard turns into a browser-specific one)?
  • I've been using Better Keyboard for a long time now. How does this compare to Better Keyboard? Better Keyboard does lag sometimes, but is usually solid.
  • Every time I try a new keyboard, I have the same problem. I want a voice dictation key, and the keyboards never offer it.
  • I love Smart Keyboard Pro, you gotta try the 3Dkey skin for it. The extended spacebar is nice, but I see no need to do it myself however the period (and comma) button is too narrow.
  • SwiftKey is ok... but they have been slow to update anything. Last update was a month ago and there are still nagging issues.
  • So far the DX's multi touch KB is my fave, but I'm open to try just about anything. That 8pen didn't last long on my phone...
  • That's it, i'm going to give this one a shot. Swype was good for a bit, but it seems like it's growing more and more inaccurate, costing me more time then it's saving me in the end.
  • There are a lot of options to explore, so really dig in to those. Custom autotext is a huge life saver.