New Wyze professional monitoring undercuts other home security plans

Wyze Home Monitoring
Wyze Home Monitoring (Image credit: Wyze)

What you need to know

  • The new Wyze Home Monitoring app launches in February 2021 with remote arming, Noonlight emergency services and multi-camera view.
  • The Core Starter Kit comes with two entry sensors, one motion sensor, hub with siren, and keypad.
  • Pro monitoring costs $59.88 annually, but includes one annual Cam Plus license ($23.98) for free.

We listed Wyze as one of the best home security systems with cameras, but specifically for self-monitored security because it currently offers no pro monitoring. That will change in early 2021, when Wyze launches its new, bargain-priced professional monitoring plan. While not the most complete home security package, Wyze Home Monitoring makes other security options look positively exorbitant.

Wyze already sells security cameras and sensors that alert you of motion or break-ins through the Wyze app, plus compatible smart home tech like bulbs and switches that can activate in response to motion via IFTTT. This new Wyze Home Monitoring system will feature professional monitoring from a "TMA 5-Diamond certified" company that will text or call you in response to an apparent break-in, then contact emergency services if necessary.

Other new additions include a security hub with a built-in 88db siren and a keypad where you can disarm an alarm or set it to Home or Away. Wyze also signalled its plan to integrate the Wyze Lock and Wyze Thermostat into the app, then release two new sensors to track water leaks and temperature.

Even when those new devices are added, you'll find some common home security devices and features are missing: cellular backup, external sirens for outdoors, a key fob, a touchscreen hub with two-way audio to speak with emergency responders, a panic button and so on. But it has all of the core features most people look for in a security system.

Wyze Cam Outdoor 8

Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

What really grabs our attention is the price: you can pay $60 upfront for a year of pro monitoring and get the Core Starter Kit of sensors and security tech for free, or pay $5 month-to-month and buy the Kit for $50. The Kit doesn't come with a Wyze Cam but does include one Cam Plus license, which smartens up Wyze cameras to add unlimited motion-activated recordings and person detection — plus (in 2021) facial recognition, package detection and pet detection. The Wyze Cam v2 and v3, Wyze Cam Pan, and Wyze Cam Outdoor are all compatible with this system.

A $5 monthly fee beats Ring Protect ($10/month), another low-priced pro monitoring plan, but Ring's plan includes coverage for all of its cameras. You'll have to pay (per camera) an extra $1.25/month annually or $2 month-to-month, so your cost will rise depending on how extensive your network of cameras is. According to our math, you can have five Wyze Cams with AI detection and pay the same amount annually as you would for a pro-monitored Ring security system. Of course, either of these plans will save you hundreds per year compared to more established home security companies like Vivint, Frontpoint and ADT.

We'll have to wait until next February to see how Wyze's new Home Monitoring system holds up against Ring and our other picks for best home security systems, but given how affordable Wyze Cams are compared to its competitors, we're optimistic that this new system could be a great entry-level option for people that can't normally afford home security.

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