Sky Go headed to some HTC and Samsung phones in February

UK satellite broadcaster Sky has announced that it'll be bringing its Sky Go service to selected HTC and Samsung smartphones from February. Sky Go, which has been available on iOS for some time, allows subscribers to view live TV and archived content from certain channels on the on mobile devices.

Initially, Sky will be limiting its roll-out to a handful of (fairly) recent HTC and Samsung smartphones "based on sales volumes", though it's promising a wider roll-out "in time". The first wave of supported devices includes the Desire, Desire S, Desire HD, Incredible S, Sensation, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.

Android users will have access to 22 live TV channels through the Sky Go app right out of the door, with Sky Movies on Demand due to arrive at a later date. You'll find a full breakdown of exactly what Sky customers can expect from this new app over at the source link.

Source: Sky (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Finally!
  • Great news but sadly too late for me, my two brothers snapped up the service on their iPhones months ago. With the introduction of the service on Android they should increase the subscriptions per household from 2 to 3 or 4
  • ?? err?? No Nexus? How dare they forget about the Samsung Nexus. Now iOS users are saying "Who got samsung'd now?"
  • Now, I have nothing to do with this website concerned but a UK based blog, 2 in fact ran this story before anyone else including you and like pocket lint,recombu and electric pig and many other 'big' sites you all failed to give the credit for the story, something that is happening more and more. I do notice though that you do credit Eurodroid quite a bit even though they get their stories from other sources and don't credit either Back to the post, this will be something that other UK based broadcasters will find tough to compete against, even more so with their internet tv offerings.