Ski Safari 2, the popular endless racing game, will be coming to Android through Google Play on September 30. The side-scrolling racer sees you once again try to evade massive avalanches and other natural disasters across three different levels.

You'll control either Sven or Evana as they attempt to avoid the oncoming calamity with the help of not only their skis and snowboards, but a number of vehicles and animals, as well. You can use a Yeti like a toboggan, or have an eagle pull your rocket-powered snowmobile to give it the power of flight. Along the way, you'll earn points in 130 challenges, as well as coins, which you can spend on in-game items such as costumes, equipment, and vehicles.

While pricing for the game is yet to be revealed, we would imagine that it would stick closely to its iOS counterpart, which is currently available for $1.99.