The LG Watch Style has seen another price cut, and it should put the simple-yet-satisfying watch back on a lot of folks' radar at this price. eBay has a vendor selling the LG Watch Style in Silver for $140.

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The LG Watch Style isn't the most future-proofed Android 2.0 watch on the market, but it's small, comfortable, and runs Wear 2.0 smoothly for your entire day. There's regrettably no NFC, heart-rate monitoring, or GPS, but the Style is sleek and easily blends into both business casual and everyday outfits easily. It also quite easily adapts to a large variety of bands and wardrobes to fit in whether you're dressed for business or pleaure.

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In short, it's not ugly as sin and will get the job done for most of us who don't have wrists the size of coffee mugs. With this sale, it's finally down to a price that most of us are willing to pay for one. $140 isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but for a watch without all the bells and whistles that's still pretty new and quite spry, it's more than reasonable.

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