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So you've ditched the cable company, gotten yourself a couple subscriptions to some of your favorite streaming services, and downloaded all your favorite apps to your myriad collection of smartphones and tablets. You're ready to be free, but there's a very vital piece of the puzzle you're missing in your cord cutting endeavors: live sports. It's almost impossible to find a real reliable way to watch live sports without cable TV, and that can be a problem for the die hard fans out there. Whether you're rooting for Manchester United or the New England Patriots (just kidding, go Chiefs!), you need a way to watch your favorite teams. That's where FuboTV comes in.

FuboTV is a live streaming service built from the ground up to appeal to casual TV watchers and sports enthusiasts. You can sign up for a free seven-day trial today, too, and be ready to watch the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend. If football isn't your thing, there's also the NBA, NHL, MLB, and several soccer leagues to tune into. Plus, you still have access to tons of other channels like AMC, the Food Network, SyFy, and more.

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And hey, sometimes you miss a game or show you really wanted to see. FuboTV has you covered there, too, with Three Day Replay. Watch any show, movie, or game that aired in the last three days even if you didn't record it. If you did record it, you can save up to 30 hours for free and watch anytime. Other features include things like Family Share where three different people in your house can watch different channels on different devices at the same time.

You can read more about the FuboTV plans from CordCutters. After the first free week, you'll be able to get your first full month for just $39.99. You can upgrade to the premium service that includes a lot more sports for just $5 more. You can also pick and choose different channels you'd like to add on for a bit extra. Really, really like sports? The Sports Package is just an extra $8.99 a month and includes the awesome NFL RedZone, the Tennis Channel, golf, college football, and more. Add Showtime through a different package or the NBA League Pass for coverage of every NBA team. You have a ton of options and every choice is up to you!

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