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Sidekick 4G shows off for a lucky someone's camera

If you have been on T-Mobile for any period of time, odds are you have probably heard of, or even owned a Sidekick device. Just a week ago we saw T-Mobile confirm the new Android-based Sidekick 4G, and then now we have images surfacing of the device in the wild. Some of the images certainly show that it could potentially have a front facing camera, and it is said that the device is going to be running Android 2.2.1. If you are on T-Mobile, and are looking for an Android device with a unique form factor, this device is definitely one you should be interested in. Hit the source for some more images of the device. [via TmoNews]

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  • sidekicks keyboards are generally good looking forward to it
  • I very much doubt this will be a better phone than the G2.
  • I am a bit of a phone geek, so needless to say, I have had many. I currently have the EVO which I purchased on the release day, and switched from T-Mobile to Sprint for. However, I have had multiple Sidekicks and for some reason I have always loved them. A Sidekick running some form of Android interests me, I'm really looking forward to seeing this progress.
  • Hella nice can't wait to see the specs
  • mmm this is very interesting cant wait for those specs, wonder what form of android it will run, and if the UI will be something new. ...
  • But what you guys fail to realize it's this phone is made by samsung, do you know what that means..............itll never get updated, haha fuckin ha
  • Made by Samsung, so the hardware such as screen and camera will be awesome.
  • Which also means rooting ought to be easy, and with a dev community that will undoubtedly spring up, it'll get its updates just fine with a little hackery! Looks like a nice phone, but I think I'll hang onto my vibrant until some dual cores come out.
  • Which also means rooting ought to be easy, and with a dev community that will undoubtedly spring up, it'll get its updates just fine with a little hackery! Looks like a nice phone, but I think I'll hang onto my vibrant until some dual cores come out.
  • My first cell phone was an original Sidekick, bought the first week they were out. I was excited by the news of a new Sidekick - kind of an mashup of my old Sidekick, G1 and current Nexus One. Samsung changes everything. Given the target Sidekick market, vanilla Android is probably out of the question. Now I look at these pictures and I don't see a Sidekick. I see a phone with Touchwiz that will never see any version of Android beyond the one it ships with. This phone has just about everything on my wish list, but Samsung as the manufacturer outweighs a five row keyboard, front facing camera, Super AMOLED screen and any other goodies. Too bad. Guess I'll wait a little longer.
  • Just wondering, but why do any companies even bother releasing a phone without Gingerbread?
  • this phone was made by samsung?!
    what the?!
    i wish SHARP had a hand in this!! or any of the other manufacturers who stayed true & making sure the Sidekick always had the swivel screen...
    no wonder it slides up instead of their POPULAR SWIVEL SCREEN! the sidekick slide was crap too & that was made by MOTOROLA.... smh T-MOBILE
  • Yeah this screen mechanism looks like a HTC Z hinge sort of thing. Blech. Glad to see they kept the keyboard arrangement. Best keyboard spacing EVER was my SK3. really miss that keyboard. Bad they removed the Dpad from the earphone- it would have been great for gaming. I miss my SK keyboard and Tmob's customer service- but their signal strength in my area, and terrible phone upgrade options caused me to leave and stay very far away.
  • Touch Pro 2 had the best keyboard. Have you ever used one? That thing was absolutely awesome to type on. My Desire Z comes close, but is missing the top row and arrow keys and the buttons are a bit smaller.
  • I've been tinkering with the idea of T-mobile, but lack of standard 3G coverage in my area plus no HSPA+ makes it a no go. Regardless, I'm sad to see that HTC or Sharp wasn't in line instead of Samsung, if this comes without TouchWiz it will be a blessing and could be an amazing device.
  • If it's running 2.2.1, does that mean the "messaging phone" is going to have the SMS bug that was fixed in 2.2.2?
  • so, basically it a "G3"
  • Yes! A new sidekick, finally! I loved my old sidekick, and if it wasn't for t-mobile being too expensive, I'd switch back to them just because of this. The best part of owning a sidekick is the swivel screen, duh, who cares what it's processing specs are, I just want to flip that screen!
  • my last sidekick was an lx 2009. i had every single sidekick that came out except for the id. after that i got my g1,its been android ever since and ive never looked back. IMO android on a sidekick is gonna ruin the mystique of its character. sure, you will have a swivel screen and an excellent OS, but the danger OS was what really made a sidekick unique. all android phones are basically the same just some are low or high end. reviving the sidekick series with danger would have been t-mobile and microsoft's best chance at creating history again and revolutionizing the mobile world. just my thoughts....