UEFA Champions League One M8

If the numerous color variants of the HTC One M8 don't strike your fancy, how about a football-themed edition of the handset? To celebrate the return of Europe's premier football tournament, HTC is launching the UEFA Champions League collector's edition One M8.

The device features an engraving of the Champions League logo at the back as well as an image of the iconic trophy. HTC is also rolling out a FootballFeed app that allows you to track your favorite clubs as they progress through the competition. Hardware-wise, the device is similar to the standard version of the One M8. Interested in knowing how to get one? HTC isn't going to sell the device directly, but has mentioned that interested customers stay tuned to the manufacturer's social media channels for more information.

Will buying this edition of the One M8 boost Manchester City's chances in the Champions League? Probably not, but it is a great piece of memorabilia if you're a football fan.

Source: HTC

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