Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with LTE?

Galaxy Watch 4 Google Chat Notification
Galaxy Watch 4 Google Chat Notification (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Best answer: Yes. Those who want to be connected at all times will benefit from buying a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE model. It'll cost more than the standard Bluetooth model, but you'll never miss an important notification.

Why pay more for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with LTE?

In addition to being available in numerous sizes and colors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also comes in Bluetooth and LTE versions of the device. Many people buying a smartwatch to stay connected will benefit from going the extra mile and investing in a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE model.

The starting price point for these watches is reasonable, but it does get more expensive when you add LTE to the mix. When determining whether this is a worthwhile investment, there are a couple of important factors to consider. If you're buying the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to take advantage of the excellent health and fitness tracking, LTE might appeal to you. After all, you can leave your phone at home when you hit the gym or go for a run outside. Your watch will still be able to stream music as well as receive notifications, texts, and calls.

Aside from that, if you have a busy lifestyle and interact with your smartwatch more than you interact with your phone, a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE model makes a lot of sense. You don't have to reach into your pocket or fumble through your bag, looking for your phone every time it dings. Instead, your watch will let you know how urgent the notification is before you decide if you need to whip your phone out. Most importantly, you can interact with the notifications on your wrist even when your phone isn't nearby.

Having the option to upgrade to an LTE model is just one of many reasons that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best Android smartwatch you can buy right now. Even if you conclude that LTE connectivity isn't necessary for your lifestyle, there are tons of other features to enjoy.

Courtney Lynch

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