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Amazon Prime Day Mattress Deals

Prime Day has brought a ton of price drops to mattresses, and the Thrifter team has gone through each one to make sure that each one listed below is actually a good deal.

Prime Day is here! We've already explored a lot of potential questions you might have for Prime Day. Should you buy a laptop? A TV? Kitchen appliances? History suggests Amazon Prime Day is the ideal time to be looking for technology, whether that's a new Kindle or a robot vacuum cleaner, but mattresses are a different story.

If you want to buy a mattress on Prime Day you can, but it might not be exactly what you want. Previous Prime Days have not featured mattress sales, but as Amazon has continued to grow and extend beyond tech so have deals on home goods, including things like memory foam, mattress pads, and more. The team at Thrifter has been following Amazon deals for years, and we have seen more and more mattress sales as time has marched on. So while we don't know for certain exactly what deals will be on Prime Day, we think it's a pretty good guess you'll find something worthwhile.

Many large brands sell their mattresses on Amazon, and several of them have had sales recently, including during Black Friday. If those mattresses are willing to lower the cost on Black Friday, you can be sure they'll be dropping on Prime Day as well. Casper is a huge brand in the modern era of mattress-in-a-box online shopping. While recent Casper deals have been mostly isolated to the Casper website, you can find the same mattresses on Amazon in many sizes. You can even get Casper bed frames and Casper pillows on Amazon, which might drop in price as well this summer.

Another major brand we've seen online deals from recently is Tempur-Pedic. There is an entire section of Amazon just for these mattresses in all shapes and sizes. Some of the choices can get quite expensive, but we've seen them often come with gift cards as much as $300. That's a huge chunk into what you're paying, and you can use it to enhance your sleep experience with pillows or something else altogether.

Not interested in paying a premium for brand names, but you're still on the lookout for a good mattress deal? Look out for names like these: eLuxurySupply, ExceptionalSheets, and Zinus. Each of these brands has been featured a dozen or so times through Amazon's Gold Box deals of the day over the last year. The companies sell everything from cooling mattress pads to 10-inch memory foam to orthopedic doggy beds.. The reviews are always solid, and the products come with great warranties and customer service.

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