Should I stream Fortnite with PS4 Remote Play?

Best answer: No. While the option to play Fortnite via remote play is an innovative concept, the best way to play Fortnite via your phone would be to download it. Thanks to the existence of the mobile apps, there's no reason to stream Fortnite through PS4 remote play

Playing games via PS4 Remote Play

Thanks to Sony, players looking to keep themselves in the game while away from their console have a brand new option. In 2016, Sony released its initial PS4 Remote Play app, allowing users on PC and Mac to remotely access their PlayStation 4's and play through their computer screen. Since then, the app has released across a variety of mobile devices, allowing players to use their smartphones to play and control the games all at once.

While playing a game, your phone or tablet turns into a screen and a controller, with a transparent controller layout popping up on the screen to utilize. A strong internet connection is highly recommended for something like this, as you'll be streaming modern generation console games to a generally weaker device. If you can get over that hurdle, though, you'll be well on your way to enjoying console gaming in your pocket.

If there's any input lag largely depends on how your internet speed is. If you have a relatively fast connection, you shouldn't experience any input delay at all and should have crisp performance. However, if your internet is on the slower or more unreliable side, you'll likely experience some issues, like delays, stuttering, or freezing.

What phones are compatible with the PS4 Remote Play app?

Currently, the PS4 Remote Play app is compatible with a Sony Xperia phone (updated to Android 5.0 or later) or iPhone and iPad (updated to iOS 12.1 or later). The DualShock 4 controller is compatible with an Xperia device. However, it won't be compatible with iOS devices until iOS 13 launches. So, unless you're one of the (very few) who own an Xperia device, you're out of luck for now.

The differences: mobile and console versions of Fortnite

The mobile Fortnite experience may not be a perfect one, but it's surprisingly near identical to the version found on consoles and PC. Not only do you have full access to the Battle Royale portion of Fortnite, but the mobile version (available on Android and iOS) includes all of the features of its console and PC counterpart.

The one major downside to playing any mobile version of Fortnite is that you'll be loaded into lobbies with players using PCs. The competition is extremely good, and that may put you at a disadvantage.

Bottom line

Being able to stream a video game onto your phone is an incredible thing, and doing so with Fortnite feels just as amazing. However, thanks to the mega-popularity of Fortnite, the game isn't so small to make streaming that way a requirement.

If you're looking to play Fortnite on the go, simply head to the Android or iOS app shop and download it there. Not only is that version of the game specifically optimized for mobile devices, but it plays better thanks to the controller layout. You might be missing out on some better graphics, but you'll enjoy your time much more.

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