It started in the early days of the Android Market with GoCart, an ingenious and useful app from Big In Japan that allowed users to use their G1's camera to scan the barcode of products. Then, GoCart would automatically search online for comparison pricing and use the G1's GPS to direct the shopper to the best deal. After winning a cool $250,000 from the Android Developer Challenge, GoCart has evolved into ShopSavvy and will soon sport a host of improvements.

According to an email exchange between Ernest Doku of omio and Big In Japan co-founder Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy will soon include:

  • improved location data (i.e. combining wifi/gps/celltower) to determine your exact location.
  • ability to include easter eggs for certain items (retailers can offer specials to ShopSavvy users) when scanned in certain stores.
  • we will be including the ability to instantly pay for items with ShopSavvy.
  • we will be allowing users to submit prices, retailers, pictures and reviews.
  • our iPhone version will be released (US only for now).
  • additional product information will be included for items (i.e. food allergy and health info).

With all the power ShopSavvy is soon to bring to you and me, the consumers, it's no surprise that (to coin an '80s song) the future's so bright, Big In Japan has got to wear shades.

Thanks, Ernest!