You no longer need to open Shazam to identify songs with a new feature

Shazam Logo Hero
Shazam Logo Hero (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Shazam has rolled out a new update that'll let you Shazam from the notification bar.
  • This means you can always invoke Shazam from any app just by swiping down which is pretty great.
  • It also means that you'll always have a persistent notification from Shazam which is not so great.

Shazam has rolled out an update to its Android app that'll make it faster to find and identify songs using the service. Once this update is installed, Shazam will now offer a persistent notification in your phones notification center. Tapping it will automatically invoke the Shazam app in the background, and you'll get a second notification that lets you know that the app has found the song. If you have Shazam's bubble-like pop up enabled, a bubble would pop up with the results instead. You'll then be able to do things like add it to the music library on your app of choice and whatever else you use Shazam for.

This update is now available from the Google Play Store with Shazam 11.0 and was released to match a similar feature which let iOS users activate Shazam via the Control Center.

Your mileage may vary on how useful or essential this feature is. Some phones like the Google Pixel have music identification built-in with no need for a triggering action, and the Google Assistant can of course help you identify music whenever you ask — or even when you hum. That said, it's a nice tool for a Shazam enthusiast.

Michael Allison