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Sharp FX Plus shows off a bit more with AT&T branding

No, you are not going crazy, pictured above is not the Sidekick 4G, but instead the Sharp FX Plus, which may soon be AT&T-bound. A few days ago we saw some shots of a WalMart ad that showed off the device, but unfortunately it did not give a release date. The FX Plus will launch with Android 2.2, on a 3.2 inch screen powered by a 600mHz processor with 512MB of RAM. Pricing and release dates are still uncertain at this time, but this does appear to be one of AT&T's lower end offerings, which should put it at quite an affordable price. One more image after the break.

Source: Pocketnow

Sharp FX Plus 2

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  • This should be a very nice low end device, Sharp LCD's are quality.
  • 2.2 really??
  • It says "low end," remember? It looks like a nice entry level phone, and isn't intended to compete with high end devices. There are many users who don't want or need all the latest tech, costly goodies.
  • 1st Word: FUGLY
    2nd Word: Fail!
  • What about this makes you think it's a failure? It's clearly intended as an entry-level, messaging-centric device, and running 2.2 with such a small screen, it'll probably be pretty snappy for basic tasks, even with a low-end processor like that. This will probably be pretty good for people who text a lot and use Facebook as their primary interaction with the web, which is not an insignificant market.
  • lol this is why i wish android wasnt so open. not cuz of the specs cuz they are geared toward the low end. not design cuz they made the side kick 1st sammy just copied. becuz damn near a year later froyo? and another crappy skin with no name to add to fragmentation. you would think from an oem stand point out the gate at least to you make some serious money they would stick to stock. at least keep your customers happy with timely updates hell this phone will never see an update. thats why im loving the tab game. oems have to compete with hardware,form factor and price not skins. every time honeycomb gets up date 3 weeks later my acer is updated gotta love it.
  • Not sure why people are so against this device, it wasn't meant to please everyone, you don't HAVE to buy it, lucky for us there are plenty of Android devices out there to choose from. I see this being an excellent device for social networking with the ability to complete additional tasks when needed. Sounds like the perfect device for my teenage son.