Shadowgun now available in the Android Market for Tegra 2 devices

Here's what you've been waiting for if your an Android fan and love to play action shooters -- Shadowgun (see our early review) is now available in the Android Market for Tegra 2 devices.  It's got killer graphics (console quality, I kid you not), a great storyline, and will give you hours and hours of gameplay.  It's by far one of the best mobile games on any platform.  I've been playing the press copy for a bit on both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the LG G2X, and have been itching to get the full version myself. 

You'll find download links after the break, as well as the video trailer (it's a must watch).  Shadowgun is $4.99, and runs on Tegra 2 devices with Android 2.2 or higher.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • downloading as we speak!! for the Galaxy Tab 10.1
  • come on game developers. port these games over to non tegra 2 devices. i have a samsung gs2 thats more powerfull than tegra 2. where are the gamea at?
  • use chainfire to run tegra games on the SGSII
  • are you talking about Chainfire3D? You need to root your phone for it?
  • Will we ever see this on the Galaxy S2? Pleaaase developers! :)
  • as i said above...use chainfire to tun tegra games on the SGSII
  • are games just as smooth running the chainfire app?
  • Yes they are
  • Just my luck won't download the extra data..past 25% it closes
  • Looks like a common problem. I can't either.
  • this game is really awesome. i'm rooted and stock on my photon 4g. this app prompted me to buy the sixaxis controller app and after a bit off messing around in the setting of the sixaxis controller app i was finally able to play the game fully using a PS3 controller. Game is a lot of fun.
  • Devs said via twitter that it will be ported to other devices within a matter of a couple of days. I believe they said they were still working out some driver issues.