Crowd-sourced mobile coverage mapping app Sensorly has received a big update today with a new interface and set of features. First up is a general redesign of the whole app that brings it more into a modern interface. The maps have been updated and show more detail, and functions are now accessed with slide-in drawers from the left and right edges.

These are the same crowd-sourced data sets for all major carriers in the US and beyond, but now end users have access to the vast number of speed test results collected in these locations. Where available, you can choose to view average speed results for the carrier's coverage that you're viewing, giving you a better look at real-world speeds.

The latest version of the app has been giving us a few issues with slow load times on the map data, but we're assuming that's an issue that will pass as fewer users are hammering servers asking for complete data sets. You can grab the updated Sensorly app from the Play Store at the link above.